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India's first hybrid electric power generation project

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-17 09:23:10

Recently, the combination of energy and environment Thermax India company and the German company FRENELL Finel solar power generator consisting of India's first coal-fired thermal hybrid power generation project, the project is located in India, Uttar Pradesh, Dudley city (Dadri), by the India state power group (NTPC) is responsible for the development, and the construction of the project is to achieve the goal the configuration of a set of Delhi coal-fired thermal system. The project groundbreaking ceremony was held on November 4th, is expected to be completed and put into operation in September 2017.


NTPC released the announcement for bidding in March 2015, it is reported that a total of three international thermal EPC companies involved in this project bidding, Germany FRENELL company, including a India company tank thermal technology main push a China company, pushing the main tower of the photothermal technique and the development of Fresnel technology, after fierce competition. Combination of Frenell and Thermax. The final win, win the contract.

As the general contractor for the project EPC, Thermax will be responsible for EPC project contracting, including construction, the light field station, coordinated operation between the equipment and the completion of the Sun Island and the power plant integration. FRENELL as light field sub contractor, is responsible for the light field turnkey contract project.


"While at a distance, companies from India and China are more dominant than we are. But our offer is lower, so it is more competitive." FRENELL's chief executive, MartinSelig, told the CSPPLAZA reporters.


According to reports, the whole area of the mirror field lighting project of 33000 square meters, providing solar energy about 14GWh for the steam cycle system installed capacity of 210MW solar generator each year. Gather sunlight through the Finel mirror, the steam water heating tube is 250 ~ C, and then enter the steam generator thermal power station for further warming at high temperature and high pressure steam into the steam turbine to generate electricity, thus helping reduce coal consumption, to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


"Because this project is a project of light coal complementary, steam temperature parameters required for only 250 ~ C, so the DSG direct steam generation technology can meet the requirements, there is no need to use our direct transfer of molten salt heat storage technology (DMS)," MartinSelig said, "but in pure thermal project future in our desire to provide a higher temperature, and night storage, so as to give full play to the superiority of our DMS technology."


MartinSelig added, "in order to ensure that the bidding process in the future, Frenell will surpass competitors with greater cost advantage, our production supply chain plans to build India mirror field equipment components, to achieve localization. Of course, in this project, taking into account the need to build as soon as possible, we will continue to cooperate with the previous equipment suppliers, such construction more easily."


"This project has an important strategic significance for India, because it introduces a new option for the country's power generation companies and can help them increase the efficiency of coal-fired power stations. In addition, the solution will also help India achieve before 2022, the total solar power at least 3% national goals, "the company's chief executive officer Thermax M.S.Unnikrishnan said," relative to the Chunguang solar backup generator stations, the cost benefit using this hybrid power mode is markedly higher, because can use the existing coal-fired power generation facilities. It is estimated that such a combination of solar thermal power generation program is currently in the India market space of about 1700MW, Thermax is ready to continue to provide integrated solutions for this market."




The Thermax group is mainly for the global heating, cooling, electricity, water and waste management, to provide the overall solution of air pollution control and other fields, in order to promote the development of environment friendly, and efficient deployment of energy and water.

NTPC is the largest energy enterprise group in India, since 1975, it began to lead the entire power industry in India, and in the country's power generation business occupies a pivotal position in the entire value chain. After decades of development, the group has been trying a variety of power generation from fossil fuels to water, nuclear power and renewable energy sources.

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