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India issued a new monetary policy will help the development of solar energy industry

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-16 11:41:31

India's prime minister Modi, cast a shock this week, announcing a new monetary policy. India local solar power generator industry believes that this long-term development of solar energy industry will have a positive benefit. 

India rupee notes immediately Modi in November 9th suddenly announced 500 yuan and 1000 yuan denomination to issue new void, 500 yuan and 2000 yuan of money, people can directly replace banknotes and deposits to the designated bank.


This measure is regarded as the fight against corruption and money laundering (blackmoney) means the exchange of funds is expected to force all transparent in under the table, one can effectively track the domestic funds, on the other hand can also increase the tax.

 India New currency

India solar generator system PENERGY SUNKAL policy researcher Batra Tanya believes that in the long run, the monetary policy of the sun is beneficial to the solar industry. She pointed out that, as long as it is involved in subsidies and net metering (net-metering) electricity price of solar power generation, will benefit from the transparency of domestic funds.


The new monetary policy will increase government revenue in India, and indirectly strengthen India's support for the solar backup generator industry. Further, Tanya Batra said the India government in the future may be more additional tax measures, and to encourage people to set up solar through investment, tax, may be one of the options. This will also be in line with the principles of 100GW solar energy in India in 2022.


This monetary policy since the announcement, has not yet brought about a big change in the country's governance, but SUNKALPENERGY and Batra Tanya for the long-term impact of this policy on the solar industry is optimistic.

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