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India has launched rooftop solar subsidies

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-02 17:02:22

The Indian government has been considering a rooftop solar power generators subsidies for some time.

Recently, they launched a solar roof for residential and on-grid solar system (000591) system, it does not include any benefit provided by the Central Government of India.Solar Rooftop

  PV subsidy amount for the installation of ten thousand Indian rupees (one hundred fifty-one US dollars) per kilowatt, for each user up to twenty thousand Indian rupees. After the installation and commissioning of each roof system, this financial support will provide by the Indian Energy Development Agency (GEDA).

   Indian government plans an initial target of thousands of users, then, according to the review, the program will continue, modify or terminate. he program is expected to encourage and promote the entire country installed rooftop solar.

   This does not include subsidies from the central government to get any benefit, the central government announced last November, to recover 30% subsidies of the residential rooftop system.

   As part of the overall objective of 100GW in India 2022. they were given a target, in 2021 / 21 years, among 8024MW solar, of which 3200MW will come from rooftop solar power systems.

Solar Rooftop Policy Coalition in india

   In March, the Energy Minister Piyush Goyal have launch a new report Solar Rooftop Policy Coalition, they said everything should go through the usual way, India will reach one-third of its goal of 40GW solar roof in 2022.

   In February last year, PV-Tech said India city A is planning to become the second mandatory installation of solar roofs on all the buildings of the city of India.

   Recently, reporters also interviewed distributed rooftop solar IPPs Dexler Energy founder Anand Nagarajan, and discuss the steady rise of India potential of the roof.

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