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India Will Establish Large Scale Solar Power Project In Ladakh

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-09-02 12:31:17
The Indian government once again proposed the idea of establishing a large-scale solar power project in the Ladakh region. India has the highest solar radiation per unit area in the region.

RK Singh, Minister of New Energy and Renewable Energy and Energy, said at a recent event that the central government will issue a tender to build a 25-megawatt solar power park in the Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir.
India Will Establish Large Scale Solar Power Project In Ladakh
The project will provide electricity to nearby transmission points in Himachal Pradesh for further distribution. If implemented, the solar power generator solar power park will become India's largest solar power park. The largest solar power plant planned and approved by the Indian government is the 5 GW Dholera Solar Power Park in Gujarat. The gradual tender for the project is expected to be launched soon.

The proposed bid for the Ladakh Solar Power Park will also include battery components. Currently, there is no large-scale solar power project in India, which is equipped with battery storage auctioned by any state or central government.
The Indian Solar Corporation (SECI) has been considering issuing bids for batteries in the past, but it has not been encouraged by project developers in terms of tariff rates. After several attempts, only a small utility-scale solar power project with battery storage was auctioned for the Andaman Islands.
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