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India Solar Energy Industry Rapid Development

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-20 11:21:48
solar power generatorThe rapid decline in tariff rates and rising technological level and other factors under the influence of India's solar energy industry is in a period of rapid development. India is expected in 2016, the new solar power installed capacity will reach 5400 MW, becoming the world's fourth largest solar market. Although the current market size is not yet as the United States, China and Japan, but the growth rate is still considerable.

Huang Yinghong, an associate professor at the Asia-Pacific Research Institute of Sun Yat-sen University, said in an interview with the International Business Daily that China and India do have greater potential for energy cooperation. At present the Indian government plans to 2022 years ago the new energy supply capacity to 175 gigawatts, is expected to absorb the investment of 200 billion US dollars. To this end, the Government allows foreign investment rate of up to 100%, and to a series of financial and tax incentives. "China is now the world's largest new energy producer, in the new energy development speed and scale of the leading, with a strong production capacity and rich development experience, the two countries in this There can be a very good cooperation space. "At present India is facing a power gap of about 25 to 35 megawatts.India has 1.2 billion people, but there are 400 million people still can not get the electricity needed, which for India is a huge challenge." K.nagarajNaidu Said that the Government of Moody's plan to ensure that all the population can use electricity, for which India is actively looking for new energy resources.

"India is currently producing about 7 megawatts of solar powered portable generator power, but the target is 100 megawatts," says K. nagaraj Naidu. "India can not meet its installed capacity requirements on its own production capacity," he said, calling for partners from China. For the "help India to create photovoltaic products," the enterprise, K.nagarajNaidu said the Indian government will be in the "off-grid photovoltaic and solar energy to provide 30% of subsidies."

On the other hand, India also hopes to enhance the ability of local new energy manufacturing. "In terms of solar photovoltaic manufacturing, India is not particularly well done and many of its products are imported," says K. nagaraj Naidu, "Chinese companies have a lot of good technology and are very efficient.

At present, India has become a major new market for Chinese suppliers. To India's imports of solar power batteries cell components, for example, April 2016 to July, India's imports increased to 580 million US dollars, compared with 381 million US dollars last year, an increase of 52%, an increase significantly. Among them, China accounted for 82% of the total share of imports.
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