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India Solar Energy Demand is Expected to Rush to 10GW in 2017

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-03 11:01:08

India as the most watched solar power generator emerging market, target 2020 installed capacity target 100GW policy disdain for countries, but the implementation of the situation is also being reviewed, the current total installed capacity is still less than 10GW. But some studies suggest that India's solar energy demand situation will change since 2017.


Bloomberg survey of new energy finance, India's solar demand in the government has planned to promote under the new wave in 2017, a huge growtaaah, the annual installed capacity is expected to increase to as much as 10GW. BNEF pointed out that for large-scale solar power plants and roof-type system of investment, will promote the growth of the main driving force. On the other hand, demand for off-grid solar systems is likely to increase substantially in 2017, due to the continued decline in solar system prices.

Small systems to catch up


The Indian government aims to achieve 100GW of installed solar generator capacity by 2022, including a 40GW rooftop system; however, the current rooftop system is still less than 1GW. BNEF estimated that in the next few years to reach 40GW goals, need to invest 500 billion US dollars is enough.


According to the BNEF survey, India's rooftop solar market is growing at the fastest rate among all renewable energy categories, and the main driver of growth is lower system prices. BNEF pointed out that the roof of the Indian market, the current price is between $ 69 to $ 92 per MWh, with the help of subsidies, compared with the general household electricity prices in a certain competitive.


However, India is still a lack of sound device engineering concepts, the level of components are often installed, so that can not achieve the best power generation efficiency, is a larger problem.


Off-grid solar energy is another type of roof-type solar energy with batteries like lifepo4 batteries that is classified as "small". The solar-powered household appliances such as solar LED lights will help residents in the non-electricity area improve their quality , so the relevant revenue from April 2012 to March 2016 grew by 47%. The Indian government also plans to complete 500MW of small-scale energy grid construction by 2021.

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