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India Rejects To Cancel Solar Cells Import Tariff

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-12-29 09:12:29
The Indian government seems to have rejected the request by the New Energy and Renewable Energy (MNRE) last year to lift the import tariff on solar power batteries cells.

It is reported that India's New Energy and Renewable Energy Department to support the needs of solar developers, that the solar panels should continue to exempt from taxes.
India Rejects To Cancel Solar Cells Import Tariff
Industry experts said this would mean that solar developers pay about 10% of their import tax on solar cells purchased overseas, a fact that is likely to offset the impact of the decline in solar prices over the past three years. However, in the past few rounds of bidding, developers based on zero-tax quotations may get some relief.

According to a meeting held by India's Finance Minister Hasmukh Adhia on December 6 and minutes of government stakeholders, the tax levy will continue to be valid and developers will lose the concession they have made since the solar energy project in India started in 2010.

Hasmukh Adhia, Minister of Finance, said that "policy interventions that are exempt from tariffs are not necessarily the best way to boost growth in India's solar power industry, especially when the Anti-Dumping Bureau is investigating the existence of dumping on imported solar cell products to protect domestic industries."
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