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Impurity Solar Power Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-05 00:25:23
When the photon energy is greater than the band gap, the solar energy can be directly absorbed by the semiconductor, when the photon energy is less than the forbidden band width, through the carrier in the semiconductor band and band gap between the impurity energy and the stimulated transition Can absorb light. Impurity level Solar cell is actually a multi-quantum well solar cell applications solar powered portable generator, absorption of solar excitation quantum wells in the electrons and holes, due to thermal excitation or re-absorption of photon energy, and out of the quantum well, the output current. The application of the quantum well structure will make the light absorption of the battery to the low energy end broadens, improve the light conversion efficiency.

Multi - carrier battery

Increasing the conversion efficiency of solar power batteries is both as much as possible to use the energy of photons to excite electron-hole pairs, and avoid conversion into heat. If a high energy photon excites a pair of electron-hole pairs and makes them "hot carriers" with excess energy, the hot carrier has a higher energy than the energy required for a pair of electron-hole pairs , Then the hot carrier is entirely possible to use the excess energy to generate a second pair of electron-hole pairs, if the photon energy than the bandgap width of 3 times larger, it is possible to produce a third pair of electrons and a hole Correct. These electron-hole pairs will increase the output current of the solar cell, thereby increasing the photon utilization. In short: the third generation of solar cells combines the advantages of the first and second generation solar cells to overcome the cost of the first generation of solar cells for solar powered portable generator, the second generation of thin film solar cell conversion efficiency is low, and has rich raw materials, Stable performance, no harm to the environment, etc., in the future of PV market will have a good development prospects.
In the field of solar cells, aiming at the next generation of solar power batteries of various ideas continue to emerge. One idea is to arrange fine-line silicon (silicon nanowires) on the substrate, which is currently being developed around the world, including General Electric (GE), and most developers have been developed to produce linear Reducing the amount of silicon to reduce the cost, and the use of dense silicon nanowires to reduce light reflection compared with the Belgian purpose is to use the quantum effect of silicon nanowires.

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers showed a slim, soft solar power batteries, and its efficiency is said to use the same materials, flat-panel solar cells six times. In practical applications, this solar cell allows product designers to develop new shapes of commercial products, or in military applications, fibrous solar cells can be built-in equipment for power supply. It was found that by changing the characteristics of the electrode surface solar powered portable generator, it was possible to repel fullerenes (as if the oil repelled water) while simultaneously attracting the polymer. In this way, the electrical properties of the interface will also change significantly. The final structure will increase the probability of photocurrent reaching the proper electrode while reducing the deposition of fullerenes at the bottom of the film, both of which will improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency or lifetime of the solar power batteries. TAG: South Time Drones Tiger Devices Alta AES Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box