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Improving Efficiency Of Solar Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-11-29 11:36:09
At present, the low efficiency of solar cell collection is a common problem. Many researchers in academia have put forward many solutions to this problem.

For example, research teams at Yale University use "diatoms" as materials and their light-harvesting ability to improve the conversion efficiency of solar power batteries cells; the University of California, Berkeley research team uses the bacteria that grow as efficient materials for converting light energy; and California Polytechnic engineers are using photon manipulation of nano-photon technology and thermoelectric technology developed a light detector, in order to enhance the efficiency of solar energy collection.
Improving Efficiency Of Solar Cells
Recently, in response to this issue, Prof. Shen Wenzhong and his team from Shanghai Jiaotong University Solar Energy Research Institute have also given their own research solutions using nanotechnology.

The research team pointed out that due to the rotation and revolution of the earth, the incident angles of solar light on solar cell devices are different at different times and in different times of the day. Generally, as the incident angle increases, the reflected light loss will be more serious.

Therefore, based on this thinking, the research team said that by solving the problem of angle, the number of photons captured by the solar cell device can be increased, so as to effectively increase the power generation of the solar cell.

At the same time, the team also pointed out that although the chase system can now be used to solve this problem, but the use of the system requires a high cost.
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