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Improves Battery Life By DTV

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-15 09:24:47

battery lifeLife is the impact of  lifepo4 battery pack cost of the key factors, so the major manufacturers have adopted various means to improve their own lithium-ion battery life.

 Lithium-ion battery life is closely related to a number of factors, including battery management strategy for the life of lithium-ion battery pack has a significant impact, in order to better manage the entire battery pack, control circuit (BMS) on the battery pack needs a single Battery health (SOH) for real-time monitoring in order to be able to timely power supply and charge the battery pack to adjust, thereby enhancing the battery life and performance. The traditional SOH monitoring method is to collect the battery capacity decay and power decay data, this method is relatively simple, rough, can not tell the decline caused by different decay mechanism, it can not accurately determine the SOH state of the battery, so this One type of monitoring strategy is quite inefficient.

Yu Merla of Imperial University of Technology, UK, developed a temperature and voltage-based approach to temperature and voltage (DTV) monitoring based on temperature and voltage. This method is based on Maher and Yazami's use of entropy and enthalpy to analyze the state of lithium- , This method only needs to measure the battery in the continuous discharge process of temperature and voltage changes, according to these data can infer lithium-ion SOH state.

UK Develops Low Cost DTV Method to Improve Battery Life and Performance
Yu Merla used four 5Ah square lithium-ion polymer batteries (positive NCM, negative graphite) in parallel to become a battery pack (one of the batteries in advance through the aging treatment, for testing the effectiveness of the battery using active air cooling ), And placed in the middle of each battery position of the K-type thermocouple, used to measure the battery surface temperature.

The experiment found that, at the beginning of the discharge, the three new battery current, but in the latter part of the aging battery discharge current but higher than the three new batteries. In general, high-current discharge will accelerate the decline of the battery, remove the load, due to the different degrees of decline in the battery voltage difference between the parallel between the battery charge and discharge occur to achieve the same voltage, which will further Resulting in battery decline, so with the battery, the need for early identification of decay is too large and timely replacement of the battery.

The data such as the voltage and temperature of the collected battery were processed by MATLAB software. The position and width of dT / dV curve could be used to characterize the SOH state of the solar powered portable generator. From the analysis results, it was found that the aging battery Of the dT / dV peak has a lower peak voltage and a wider peak width. In practice, if a battery dT / dV peak voltage was significantly lower than other batteries, peak width significantly larger than other batteries, indicating that the aging of the battery, parallel current distribution within the battery group appeared uneven phenomenon , The aging of the battery needs to be replaced in time.
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