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Improve the Ionic Conductivity of the Electrolyte

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-28 15:52:35

Lithium ions in the positive / negative material inside the play is the race in the electrolyte inside the game is swimming.


Swimming competition, how to reduce the water (electrolyte) resistance, has become the key to speed. In recent years, swimmers generally wear shark suits, which can greatly reduce the formation of water on the human body surface resistance, thereby enhancing the athlete's game performance, and become a very controversial topic.

Lithium ions in the positive and negative shuttle back and forth between, as in the electrolyte and battery shell formed by the "swimming pool" inside the swimming, the ionic conductivity of the electrolyte as water resistance, the speed of lithium ion swimming is very large influences. At present, lithium-ion batteries used in organic electrolytes, whether liquid electrolyte, or solid electrolyte, the ionic conductivity is not very high. The resistance of the electrolyte as an important component of the battery resistance, high-rate lithium-ion battery performance can not be ignored. Our lithium battery also include lifepo4 batteries.


In addition to improving the ionic conductivity of the electrolyte, there is a need to focus on the chemical stability and thermal stability of the electrolyte. In the large-scale charge and discharge, the battery electrochemical window changes in a very wide range, if the electrolyte is not good chemical stability, easy oxidation and decomposition of the cathode material surface, affecting the ionic conductivity of the electrolyte. The thermal stability of the electrolyte on lithium-ion battery safety and cycle life have a very big impact, because the electrolyte decomposition will produce a lot of gas, on the one hand, the battery safety hazards, SEI film has a destructive effect, affecting its cycle performance.


Therefore, choosing an electrolyte with high lithium ion conductivity, good chemical stability and thermal stability and matching with the electrode material is an important direction to improve the performance of lithium ion battery. It will be better use lithium batteries in portable solar power generator.

Reduce the internal resistance of the battery


This involves the interface between several different substances and substances, the resistance values they form, but all have an effect on the ion / electron conduction.


Generally, a conductive agent is added to the inside of the positive electrode active material, thereby reducing the contact resistance between the active material, the active material and the positive electrode substrate / current collector, and improving the conductivity (ionic and electronic conductivity) of the positive electrode material. Different materials of different shapes of conductive agent, will have an impact on the battery internal resistance, thereby affecting its rate performance.


Positive and negative collector (ear) is the lithium-ion battery and the outside world for the power transmission carrier, the current collector resistance value of the battery performance also has a great impact. Therefore, by changing the material of the current collector, size, lead way, the connection process, can improve the lithium-ion battery performance and cycle life.


Electrolyte and positive and negative electrode materials, the degree of infiltration will affect the electrolyte and electrode contact resistance at the interface, thus affecting the performance of the battery rate. The total amount of electrolyte, viscosity, impurity content, porosity of anode and anode materials, etc., will change the contact resistance of the electrolyte and the electrode is an important research direction to improve the rate performance. If improve the rate performance, it will better for users to use solar powered portable generator.


Lithium-ion batteries in the process of the first cycle, with the lithium ions embedded in the negative, in the negative electrode will form a layer of solid electrolyte (SEI) film, SEI film although has good ionic conductivity, but still lithium ion diffusion There is a certain hindrance, especially when the large-scale charge and discharge. As the number of cycles increases, SEI film will continue to fall off, stripping, deposition in the negative electrode surface, leading to the negative resistance of the gradual increase, a factor affecting the performance of the cycle rate. Therefore, controlling the change of the SEI film can also improve the performance of the lithium ion battery in the long-term cycle.


In addition, the absorption rate and porosity of the isolation film also have a greater impact on the lithium-ion through, will also to some extent affect the lithium-ion battery performance (relatively small).

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