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ITRI Announces Fast-Charging Aluminum Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-19 10:55:02
URABatITRI Corporation has announced a joint development with Stanford University can be fast-charging aluminum battery URABat, allegedly a safer and more efficient lithium battery replacement. The URABat battery takes only 1 minute to complete a charge and can be recharged up to 10,000 times.

Allegedly, the battery in use, the charging efficiency will always remain at 98%. This also means that most of the input power will be used to convert the active material into a charged state, only a very small number is consumed. At the same time, the battery is made of graphite and aluminum materials, in the damage will not fire, security will also be beyond the existing lifepo4 battery.

ITRI said, URABat like a piece of paper as flexible, can be played into any shape will not be a security risk, it also makes it a very broad application prospects.

URABat has won the 2016 "R & D 100 Award" for the ITRI, which is known as the "Oscar of Innovation", but it will not be known when it will be put into commercial use. But the ITRI is full of confidence in its: "Lithium-ion battery is still the mainstream of the current battery technology, but the supply of lifepo4 battery pack, chemical instability and other factors limit its application.And the aluminum content in the crust Reached 8.2%, the rich reserves to replace lithium-ion as cheaper and more efficient future battery manufacturing raw materials.
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