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ICFO Developed An Upgraded Version Of Organic Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 14:00:11
Building windows allow the sun to come in, while also storing solar energy, which will be what kind of scene? This looks like a small on grid inverter 5kw, said the window into a solar cell for solar power generator, to help us relieve dependence on fossil fuels and to promote the environment toward the green, clean direction. In a recent study, the researchers created a highly transparent, upgraded version of the organic solar cell, which marks the beginning of renewable energy technology to a reasonable price, clean, widely used, but also a new generation of high-power inverter package A step forward.

Today's commercial solar panels are mostly made of polycrystalline silicon solar power batteries, which have the advantage of high solar power conversion efficiency (about 15% of stainless steel photovoltaic pump factory), but there are several problems, it can not fully realize the potential value. First of all, it only absorbs direct sunlight, the absorption of diffuse light is limited; Secondly, the battery bulky, opaque and very heavy, less flexible. Although organic solar battery technology has been available for 30 years, it is not until today that people are paying attention to the technology because it can reduce production costs. Although the conversion efficiency of organic batteries is not as good as that of polycrystalline silicon cells, these organic solar cells are more compact and flexible (able to adapt to curved surfaces) and are sensitive to low and non-direct light, making it the most attractive photovoltaic Technology. In addition, it can be used as a translucent device, such as glass windows, so particularly interesting.
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Similar to other solar power generator technologies, only the opaque devices, organic photovoltaic can achieve the most efficient power conversion. In order to make these cells transparent, the thickness of the metal back electrode must be reduced to a few nanometers, so that the ability of the device to absorb sunlight will be greatly reduced. ICFO researchers have been able to integrate a translucent cell into a photonic crystal to ensure that its power conversion efficiency is the same as for opaque battery devices. Addition of additional photonic crystals to the battery, can enhance the battery's absorption of infrared and ultraviolet light, reaching 56%. At the same time, a battery such as a glass plate is ensured to be transparent. Efficiency and transparency of the combination, so that these cells become a building integrated photovoltaic technology leader. In order to allow the battery and the natural appearance of the building integration, the color of the battery must be adjusted, and the adjustment method is simply to change the configuration of the photonic crystal layer.

In order to achieve the cheap application of solar powered portable generator, scientists and engineers are actively looking for a low-cost production technology, flexible thin integrated solar street light program solar cells show great potential. Because they only need a small amount of material, through the volume to volume processing can be mass production. And second only to the market share of silicon-based solar cell cadmium telluride thin film solar power batteries, the current production cost is the most inexpensive.
However, these covered solar power batteries often require a transparent scaffold that allows daylight to pass through and reach the cadmium telluride light collection layer, which also limits the selectivity of the media to the transparent material. Today, the use of flexible foil foil metal foil as a stent material, but the metal foil substrate cadmium telluride battery performance is poor, the use of less than 8% efficiency. In order to improve the conversion efficiency of cadmium telluride batteries, the Swiss Federal Institute of Materials Science and Technology (EMPA) Optoelectronic thin photovoltaic panels Optimum angle of the cornea laboratory researchers decided to try in high vacuum evaporation to the cadmium telluride layer, while the follow-up The heat treatment will penetrate copper atoms into cadmium telluride. They quickly realized that the amount of copper must be carefully controlled and that the conversion efficiency of cadmium telluride cells would not be much improved if used too little or too much. However, when the amount of Cu evaporation is properly adjusted and stored, a single atomic layer of copper is attached to the CdTe surface, the electron properties are significantly improved and the efficiency is increased to more than 12%.

Now, the flexible metal foil cadmium telluride solar power batteries are still somewhat higher than the maximum efficiency developed in 2011, polyimide foil solar cells. Next, they will focus on reducing the thickness of the window layer above cadmium telluride so that more sunlight is collected in the cadmium telluride layer to improve efficiency, said Stephan EMPA, chair of the lab. TAG: South Time Drones Tiger Devices Alta AES Ireland Hawaii Duke 100Ah 48V telecom Malta Battery-Box