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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle - FCV

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-03 11:35:01
FCVIn fact, the earliest FCV R & D car company is not Toyota, Honda, but the United States General Motors. As early as 1966, GM released the world's first FCV - Chevrolet Electrovan. Since then, GM has invested 4 billion US dollars for FCV research and development, but still can not solve the problem of high cost of FCV. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles: the next revolution in new energy vehicles?

However, for FCV this has obvious advantages on lifePo4 batteries and can represent the future form of car products, car prices are reluctant to give up, still in the market action frequently: as the originator of FCV, GM out of market strategy, in recent years did not launch related products, But the company has never stopped FCV research and development, in October this year, GM will launch a Chevrolet Colorado FCV concept car; Audi car in November 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show, launched the A7 h-tronquattro concept car; BMW in 2015 Announced the launch of the FCV prototype based on the i8 and 5 series GT models, and announced the production version in 2020; Mercedes-Benz has already launched based on the B series FCV, in June this year, the company said it will be launched in 2017 The new FCV version of the GLC; Although Ford Motor did not launch FCV products in recent years, but in August this year, the company received the US Department of Energy to provide 600 million US dollars in research and development funding for FCV R & D.

Currently available in the market only 3 FCV, respectively, Toyota Mirai, Honda Clarity, modern ix35FC. These vehicles only in the hydrogen refueling station built relatively perfect regional sale, which means that consumers can not buy any one of the mainland FCV.
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