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Hunan Industrial Sells Solar Power Plants

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-10 19:20:06
solar power plantExcel Deal Investment agreement has been reached to 861 million Hong Kong dollars ($ 111 million) to acquire 81% of Hunan Industrial two green energy companies shares.

The value of solar power plants in the two companies operating in Northwest China's 861 million Hong Kong dollars.

According to a statement of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hunan Industrial has agreed to accept payment in three batches over the next two years.

The two agreements ensure that in Gansu and Xinjiang, two projects a year to save electricity at least 100,000,000kWh.

Hunan Industrial's parent company, China Industrial Solar PV Technology Manufacturing Group first half net profit of 315.6 million yuan (US $ 47.4 million), compared to last year rose 41%.

This week, the group said to the media, and network-related problems due to the central government subsidies and late payments, which will sell all of its portable solar power generator solar energy assets in northern China.
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