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Huatai 5 Ghwh Lithium Battery Production Base In Xining

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-12 11:06:27
huataiHuatai Automobile Holdings Group invested 5 billion yuan to build 5 Ghwh lithium battery and new energy vehicle production base project in November 9th in Xining Nanchuan Industrial Park started. Vice Governor Wang Liming attended the ceremony.

Huatai Automobile Holding Group is the only one with the world's leading clean diesel engine and automatic transmission core technology and complete independent intellectual property rights of the automobile enterprises. Zhang Xiugen, chairman of the Group, said the project will be settled with the rich Qinghai Salt Lake lithium resources to develop new energy industries, to drive the formation of new energy industry in Qinghai Province pattern.

Wang Liming pointed out that the province in recent years to play the advantages of resources, is to accelerate the construction of lithium carbonate-based anode materials, electrolytes, solar powered portable generator battery to the end of the complete lithium battery industry chain, lithium industry has become the promotion of economic restructuring and upgrading of Qinghai , Improve quality and efficiency of the important forces. Huatai Group to join, to speed up the realization of Qinghai hundred billion yuan lithium industry base has an important role in promoting.

It is reported that the project is completed, will form an annual output of 5 gigawatt-hour positive ternary material and 5 GWh batteries, battery pack capacity, build from the cathode material to ternary lithium-ion batteries and then to the integrity of the battery pack Industrial chain, is expected to achieve annual sales income of 30 billion yuan, 2,500 new jobs. At the same time, the Group will be the layout of new energy vehicles in our province production line, is expected next year, 50,000 electric vehicles can be officially put on the market, which marks the province of equipment manufacturing and new energy vehicles to a new level of development.
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