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Hriman RT90 Electric Vehicle

Author: Source: Datetime: 2018-01-05 12:35:08
Hriman Motors LLP is working on a two-seater RT90 that does not require battery replacement. The model will provide the 4G Connected IoT platform, with a maximum range of 200 kilometers, charging in just 10 minutes, thanks to its fast DC Charger. If switch to AC charger, full charge will take 1-2 hours. Currently, the EV is undergoing road tests and is expected to be unveiled in mid-2018.

In addition, the Indian government did not permit the promotion of autonomous vehicles for a number of reasons. However, with the advent of the new model, autopilot may soon become a reality. The electric car equipped with a 4G Internet platform, the use of centralized control framework to track or control the vehicle. After the users of the subway, you can choose to rent the vehicle, and then sailed to shopping malls, and finally to the vehicle to the parking point near the home to return the vehicle can be.
Hriman RT90 Electric Vehicle
In the past two years, the company has launched three products - the two-seater electric car, the six-seater electric city transport bus (RT) and the four-seater electric car.

RT transport buses with at least 5 + 1 seats, using AC charging, operating costs per km 50 Paisa. The passenger car is safe, comfortable and convenient, making it the "ultimate upgrade" for e-rickshaws on the road.

The Indian government has spared no effort to ensure the availability of charging infrastructure and the Indian government's Smart City Initiative has provided an additional 100 charging stations for each city. In addition, cities also have a large number of community charging stations and private charging facilities.

Hriman Motors will invite people from all walks of life in Delhi and the center of the national capital to call for the active establishment of charging equipment.
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