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How to maximize the benefits of photovoltaic power generation system?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-28 10:23:36

First, strictly control the quality of photovoltaic systems

PV modules, inverters and LifePO4 batteyr pack are not consumer products in general, the service life of up to several years, or even decades, but the appearance and real-time detection can not determine its long-term reliability. Users in order to ensure the quality of photovoltaic products and components and long-term reliability, through the following measures:

1) The most basic is to require manufacturers to provide authoritative testing and certification reports to ensure that the technical performance of products submitted to meet the technical standards and the adoption of a third party testing, and mass production of products and inspection products produced in accordance with the same standard ; 2) in order to ensure the long-term reliability of PV components and long-term stability of the quality, you can require manufacturers to provide product quality insurance, which is a trend to reduce the risk of developers; 3) If the product can not provide quality insurance, you can hire 4) In view of the PV modules and inverters are not short-term consumer goods, in the field after one year of operation need to re-sampling, "the baby (Figure 1), the product is not a short-term, Period "failure rate should be within the scope of the contract.

In addition to the quality of products and components, the design and construction of photovoltaic projects is also very important. Project developers in order to ensure the quality of the project can also entrust a qualified, experienced third-party engineering design, construction and installation, project acceptance and so the whole process of review and supervision.

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Second, a reasonable reduction in the cost of photovoltaic power generation

At present, the reasonable construction cost of PV system is about 9 Yuan / Wp. Although large-scale PV power station has scale effect, the cost of civil engineering and station booster station is comparatively high, while the cost of distributed PV is relatively small. Higher, but the cost of civil construction and network access system is relatively low, so large-scale photovoltaic power plants and building photovoltaic initial investment is actually almost the same, this is different from solar powered portable generator.

From the estimated proportion of sub-items can be seen, accounting for about 49% of total investment in photovoltaic components, inverters and other electrical equipment accounted for about 10%, cable and stent each accounted for about 10%, the proportion of these sub-items Higher, there is a certain price space, photovoltaic construction investment is possible to do 8 yuan / Wp. According to the normal design, the current investment in the construction of photovoltaic systems is almost impossible to 8 yuan / Wp below, but for some special applications, there is room for price cuts. For example, for 3-5kW residential grid-connected PV, typically 10-20 PV modules are required. If direct-connected AC modules (AC modules, or micro-inverters) are used, the combiner boxes are no longer required. DC power distribution and a separate inverter, do not need DC cables, installation works have become very simple, so the construction investment can be reduced to 7 yuan / Wp.

Third, attention to the safety of photovoltaic systems to avoid catastrophic accidents

Safety is the most important part of the quality of photovoltaic systems, which is the same as portable solar power generator. The safety of the PV system includes: construction safety, grid security, anti-electric shock, system wind, lightning, fire and anti-arc, security, Construction safety includes building load, leakage prevention, non-destruction of insulation and building fire protection. Building safety assessment requires professional departments. Distributed PV in combination with buildings should first be assessed through building safety. Pole insulation damage will produce parallel circuit arc, and the destruction of the ground insulation will produce ground arc, so if the cables, connecting devices, contactors, circuit breakers of quality problems or engineering installation is not serious may have arcing and Cause a fire.

The system wind resistance needs to be designed according to the local maximum wind speed in 30 years. However, it needs to be optimized and balanced among various factors such as square installation inclination, annual power generation, building load, land cover and shadow shading. Load is directly related to the annual power generation in order to maximize the design of the square angle, it may need to withstand greater wind loads, requiring greater weight, and such a weight just beyond the building can withstand the maximum load , which requires changing the inclination of the target to accommodate building loads. For example, a higher inclination requires a larger floor area and an increase in floor space costs. Sometimes the roof area is limited and no more spacing is allowed between the squares. Square wind resistance design needs to local conditions.

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