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How to maintain the solar photovoltaic power generation system

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-15 16:41:50

The use and maintenance of the solar power generator system in winter should be more serious. In the winter, most electricity is needed while the sun is at least. Here are some suggestions for maintenance, as well as some techniques for reducing the use of standby generators.


1 solar photovoltaic power generation system in the photovoltaic matrix: check and tighten the connection bolts and wires, test output, adjust the dip angle.


2 Tracker: lubricated bearings, check bolts and shock.


3 spare fuel system: to determine the wiring, and has been checked in good condition, ready to use.


4 charge controller: check the rectifier voltage settings, check the normal voltage meter. If the battery temperature is below 55 degrees F, it should be allowed to charge up to a higher voltage (at least 14.8 volts for a 12 volt system). If your charging controller has a temperature compensation function, it will automatically adjust the. If there is an external temperature sensor, to ensure that it has been posted on the battery. If there is no automatic adjustment function, the need for manual voltage is high, and back in the spring Shidiao (to 14.3 volts). If the charging controller is not adjustable, try to keep the battery in a warmer environment.

 Backup Battery Storage

5 battery : check the voltage of each solar power battery, eliminate the failure, and determine whether the need for a balanced charge. Balance charge maintenance if necessary (usually in the battery for 8 hours after full charge). Clean the liquid or dust on the battery (with a dry soda powder and acid precipitate). Clean or replace corroded wiring terminals. In the terminal coating vaseline to prevent further corrosion. Check battery fluid, if necessary, to add distilled water or de ionized water. Check ventilation (if there is an insect in the ventilation duct). Note: check the size of the wire, connection, fuses and other security measures. Grounding lightning protection: install or check the ground column or ground wire.

6 load or electrical appliances: check for invisible load or low efficiency use. For example: lamp transformer and TV with a remote control power supply is connected to the power. Whether your electric heating thermostat enables the inverter to keep running 24 hours a day? Incandescent lamp: check the blackened, consider replacing with a halogen lamp or fluorescent lamp. The replacement of fluorescent lamp black. Cleaning lamp and dust on the fixing bracket.


7 inverter: check the regulator, installation, wiring. Note: the charging voltage of the inverter with charging function should be set to 14.5 (29) volts. Refer to use manual. Additional temperature detectors are necessary if necessary.

8 battery temperature at 30 F capacity will the loss of 25%. So now more and more people is changing to use Lifepo4 batteries. Full after the ice at 20 degrees F to cause damage. Summer heat can also affect its life. Therefore, the battery should be avoided in the extreme outdoor temperature environment. According to the national standard installed in the indoor battery can be safe to run.

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