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How to maintain the distributed photovoltaic power generation system

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-18 11:39:35

1. What are the common faults of distributed solar power generator system? What are the typical problems that may arise in the system?


Because the voltage does not reach the set value caused by the inverter start to work, can not be started, because the component or cause low power inverter, the typical problems of system components may appear the component wiring box burned, partial burning.


2, how to deal with the common faults of distributed photovoltaic power generation system?


System problems in the warranty period when the first telephone installation operator or operators will system, installation or maintenance business operators according to the chamber of Commerce Users answer questions narrative content, such as the fault cannot be ruled out dispatched personnel to the scene to carry out maintenance.


Suggest the establishment of operation and maintenance centers at the county level, the establishment of the township to maintain the station, to facilitate timely maintenance and handling of abnormal failure.


3, distributed photovoltaic power generation system life is how long?


America's first solar backup generator plant was built in 1954, China's first solar panels are used in 1971 on the satellite, the first photovoltaic power station built in 1989, has been 26 years ago. Without the battery of photovoltaic power generation system, the design life is generally 20-25 years. If with battery, now more and more people choose lifepo4 battery pack.

 solar power generator system

4, how to reduce the maintenance cost of photovoltaic power generation system?


Recommendations for the selection of system components and materials on the market a good reputation, good customer service service products, the qualified products can reduce the incidence of failure, the user should strictly abide by the system of product manuals, regular checks the system maintenance and cleaning.


5, how to deal with the system maintenance, how long to maintain? How to maintain?


According to the instructions of the supplier need to regularly check the parts for maintenance, solar backup generator system maintenance work is manual wiping wipe components does not generally require large areas in the rain rain season, about 1 months to clean a large amount of dust, reducing area can increase the frequency of cleaning, heavy snowfall region the heavy snow removal in a timely manner, to avoid the influence of uneven power generation and melting snow caused by occlusion of the trees or sundries cleaning.

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