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How to improve the power generation capacity of photovoltaic power station

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-16 09:29:30

Installation of solar backup generator, the most important is to enhance the power generation, how to improve the power generation of photovoltaic power plants? Here to give us a detailed explanation.


What is the relationship between power plants and power plants?


Solar radiation conditions


Photovoltaic cell component conversion efficiency under certain circumstances, the power of the photovoltaic system is determined by the solar radiation intensity. In general, the photovoltaic system is only about 10% of the solar radiation.


So to take into account the solar radiation intensity, spectral characteristics, as well as climate conditions.

 solar PV generator

Tilt angle of photovoltaic cell assembly


Solar azimuth generally south direction, so that the solar generator capacity per unit volume of the largest.


As long as the South within plus or minus 20 degrees, will not have much impact on power generation, conditions permitting, should be 20 degrees southwest.


PV module efficiency and quality


Calculation formula: theoretical generation = annual average total solar radiation * total solar cell area * photoelectric conversion efficiency


There are 2 factors, cell area and photoelectric conversion efficiency, the conversion efficiency of the power plant is a direct impact on the power generation.


Component matching loss


In series, the current losses due to the difference between the components of the current losses, in parallel will be due to the voltage difference between the components of the voltage loss. Losses could reach more than 8%.


In order to reduce the loss, loss, in order to improve the generation of power plant, pay attention to the following aspects:


1, to reduce the loss of matching, as far as possible with the current consensus of the series;

2, the components of the attenuation as much as possible to maintain consistency;

3, isolation diode;


Ensure good ventilation conditions.


Data presentation, the temperature increased by 1 degrees Celsius, crystalline silicon PV module group of large output power decreased by 0.04%. Therefore, to avoid the impact of temperature on power generation, maintain the formation of good ventilation conditions.


Dust losses can not be overlooked


Crystal silicon components of the panel for tempered glass, long-term exposure to the air, there will be a lot of organic matter and a lot of dust accumulation. It can reduce the output efficiency of the component, and directly affect the power output.


At the same time, it may also cause the "hot spot" effect of the component, which leads to the damage of the components.


Maximum output power tracking (MPPT)


Have the MPPT efficiency index in the inverter specifications, some 99%, some 99.9% standard. As we all know, the MPPT efficiency is the key factor to determine the photovoltaic power generation capacity, and its importance is much more than the efficiency of the PV inverter itself.

MPPT efficiency is equal to the efficiency of hardware by software. The hardware efficiency is mainly determined by the accuracy of the current sensor, the accuracy of the sampling circuit, and the software efficiency is determined by the sampling frequency. There are many ways to achieve the MPPT, but no matter what kind of method, the first to measure the changes in the power of the components, and then respond to changes. One of the key components is the current sensor, its accuracy and linear error will directly determine the hard and fast efficiency, and the sampling frequency of the software is determined by the accuracy of the hardware.


Reduce line loss


In the photovoltaic system, cable accounted for a small part, but the effects of cable for power generation can not be ignored, the loss of DC and AC circuit of the proposed system is controlled within 5%.


Cable to do a good job in the system, the insulation performance of the cable, the cable's heat resistance and flame retardant properties, cable moisture and light resistance, the type of cable core, the size of the cable specifications.

 power generation

Inverter efficiency


PV inverter is the main component of the photovoltaic system and the important component, in order to ensure the normal operation of the power station, the correct configuration and selection of the inverter is particularly important. In addition to the inverter configuration in accordance with the technical specifications of the solar power generator system and reference manufacturers to provide product samples, the general need to consider the following technical indicators.


1, rated output power

2, the output voltage adjustment performance

3, the efficiency of the whole machine

4, start performance

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