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How to Distinguish Liquid Lithium Battery and Lithium Polymer Battery on Phone

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-28 16:01:45

For the sake of capacity, the current cell phones use polymer lithium-ion batteries, whether it is the kind of soft bag or the previous Nokia Nokia with a plastic hard case, all belong to polymer lithium-ion battery. 

Where can I find a liquid lithium-ion battery?


Take your heavy and heavy laptop battery apart, or tear down your dad's big toy car (Tesla)


Usually how to use polymer lithium battery (cell phone) is safe?

 phone battery

In fact, how to protect the polymer lithium battery is relatively simple, we only need not put the phone on high temperature, high humidity, and avoid sun exposure environment can be used. Now the battery with pcm, pcb or bms system, so it can protect batteries, especially when use battery in solar powered portable generator.


In addition, the lithium should not overcharge, due to cell phone lithium polymer batteries are protected board protection, full power automatically after the power, so there is no danger of overcharging (the protection board bad that), while the use of mobile phones It is best not to charge the battery completely exhausted, otherwise easy to destroy the active material of the battery poles, resulting in significant battery capacity attenuation.

New buy lithium polymer (cell phone) how to activate?


The new polymer lithium battery (cell phone), as long as the normal charge and discharge 3 to 5 times to activate, without charging 12 hours, because there is no memory effect of polymer lithium, "the new phone to buy back 12 hours" argument only before Nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries.


Moreover, the protection of the protection board, full charge circuit after the disconnect, you are stuck in the charger is inserted in vain, power and can not reach the battery. This is the same as lifepo4 batteries.


Polymer lithium long-term (mobile phone long-term idle), how to protect?


If the lithium battery (cell phone) on the side of the long-term need not, it is best to keep the battery capacity of about 50%, to avoid self-discharge due to lithium battery voltage is too low, damage the polar active substances, resulting in capacity loss. In addition should also be placed in a dry, cool place, because the lithium in high temperature, high humidity environment, self-discharge speed will be faster.


Once again take out the normal charge and discharge 3 to 5 times can be re-activated.

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