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How to Choose Right Household Solar Power Generator

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 16:31:16
Since the promulgation of national government departments to promote the solar powered portable generator for home, as well as a series of photovoltaic policy, ordinary families can take advantage of the roof, balconies and other open space to install solar power systems, both to its own power supply, photovoltaic panels intelligent cleaning robot can also sell surplus electricity PV modules country, but if the cost of other factors to consider, then, not all families are suitable for the installation of solar photovoltaic solar power generation equipment. The use of solar photovoltaic power generation can give families save electricity costs, but the cost of installing a solar PV system is relatively expensive, a device may have to invest tens of thousands, take decades to recover the cost, so household photovoltaic power generation system according to family actual electricity situation. Investment in solar power solar street lights need electricity it is not an absolute number, but by ordinary household electricity expenses to be measured.
portable solar power generator
In general, the larger the household electricity consumption, more suitable for the installation of portable solar power generation equipment, recovery of the investment cost of the shorter time. Second is that the more the proportion of electricity during the day, but also more suitable for the installation of solar power generation equipment. Therefore, a small family factory, shops and so more suitable for installation. And very little electricity, especially during the day and very little electricity family, is not suitable for installation of solar power generation for home equipment. Because domestic solar power system is a large initial investment, long-term benefit of power generation projects, it can use  lifepo4 batteries ,regardless of the power system capacity is large or small, there is a high initial investment cost. Although in the long run is a project to save electricity costs, but the initial installation costs, not all families are willing to bear.
For home or outdoor areas without electricity power, can only be installed off-grid solar power generator equipment, investment costs are often higher than normal several times the cost of electricity, can not be measured by normal standards of electricity costs. Thus, the family areas without electricity or outdoors, wilderness areas not suitable for investment in large-scale portable solar power generator systems, only a small investment in a solar power plant to solve the basic problem of electricity. If the demand for electricity is just ordinary lighting, charging, you can choose a portable solar power system, such systems are inexpensive, easy to use, can be a good solution to the electricity needs of an emergency and other special circumstances.

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