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How To Distinguish Between Waste Batteries And New Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-12 08:12:44
BatteryAccording to German media reports, the German website on the recent madness a small life proposal: In order to determine whether a battery should be abandoned empty battery, people can be away from the ground 20 cm away from the battery, if the battery after contact with the ground rebound High, then the battery is empty battery, if the battery is not bounced up, it is a new battery.

The event aroused the interest of scientists. They re-verified in the laboratory, with slow motion camera to record the empty battery and new battery from the table down the trajectory of the movement. The results show that the empty battery is the height of the ground bounce than the new battery is bounced high height.

Princeton University researchers in order to further verify the rationality of the argument, conducted a more in-depth study. Researchers let two batteries fall in a plexiglass tube, and in the process of measuring the first and second springback height. In addition, the researchers also added several experiments in the control group: three were 70%, 80% and 90% of the battery power.

Finally, the experimental results show that, whether ordinary disposable batteries, or lifepo4 battery pack, as long as the battery half the electricity can be a certain height of the ground bounce, but a different height. Researchers explain this phenomenon, said the home battery cathode is composed of zinc elements, these zinc elements present in the battery gel. Battery gel will reduce the impact of full-charged battery impact by the ground impact, so the battery is often not fully charged by the ground bounce.
In the battery discharge process, the battery contains a large number of zinc and oxygen react with the formation of zinc oxide, this substance is a rigid material that can make the battery a higher degree of rebound.

At the same time, researchers also said that this experiment can not be thrown as a standard battery, the true meaning of the experiment is how to distinguish between waste batteries and new batteries.
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