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How To Break New Energy Bottleneck

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 14:05:19
new energyNo matter from what angle, a few years ago vigorous new energy construction in this year encountered a bottleneck.

To electric vehicles, for example, the current electric vehicle charging source is basically ordinary electricity, and fossil energy in China, the proportion of the total power generation structure of more than 80%, combined with the aforementioned large number of abandon wind abandoned light phenomenon, the actual proportion may higher. Therefore, considering the line loss in power transmission and the loss in battery charging and discharging process, the so-called "clean energy" automobile may not be environmentally friendly from the viewpoint of energy consumption of the entire industry chain.

In order to achieve the goal of charging electric vehicles with clean energy, the company is currently promoting the project of "light storage and charging" integrated new energy vehicle charging stations in the major cities and high-speed road network service areas in China. The project uses photovoltaic power generation and zinc-bromine batteries constitute a new energy micro-grid for electric vehicles to provide 24-hour stable cleaning power. In this area, zinc-bromine battery has a strong cost and application advantages.

In addition, the output of photovoltaic power generation is unstable, cloudy rain do not have to say, even if a cloudy sunny drifting, or fall leaves, are likely to cause some fluctuations in the photovoltaic power generation process, the impact of conventional power grid larger. The use of solar powered portable generator energy storage of these volatile new energy power storage, combined with virtual synchronization technology, can achieve a smooth grid of new energy power.

"This project has been in the National Energy Board project, is also a major scientific and technological support projects in Qinghai Province," Luke said, "We hope to solve the current paradox of new energy vehicles, from photovoltaic power generation, clean electricity to the new Energy vehicle power supply, the real 'zero emissions'.

By the end of 2015, 100 to Huitong and in the construction of subordinates in the Advisory Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. "We hope that in the service area of the highway to carry out the industrialization of such projects, in addition to cross-built, we are actively and provinces and cities trading company to cooperate." He said.

The same principle can also be applied to solve the current dilemma of abandoning the wind. Zinc bromide battery based on the power situation, the construction of different photovoltaic power plants or wind farms, will not be able to access the Internet of new energy power stored in the grid when the ability to re-transmission out, thereby reducing the hair due to limited power generation waste. "Energy storage has a dual function, on the one hand can be the power load, on the other hand is the power." Lu Ke told reporters.

Baidu Huitong will be abandoned for the abandoned light market solution known as the "energy storage power bank", the energy will be abandoned to store up and earn the difference by cutting peak fill valley. "I think the best energy is the energy saved by energy storage, the energy that would have been wasted, because it is costless," he said.
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