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How Much to Install A Home PV Power Generator System?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-07 17:53:43

Cost of home solar power generator system depends on three factors:

Install A Home PV Power Generator System

1, equipment costs. Photovoltaic inverter, solar panels, etc..

Different photovoltaic installation company has its own pricing standards, the current reasonable construction cost of photovoltaic system is generally about 8-10 dollars per watt. PV modules accounted for about 49% of the total investment, inverter and other electrical equipment accounted for about 10% of the cable and support each accounted for about 10%, which accounted for a higher proportion of several sub.

2, installed capacity.

Mainly to see two points: the monthly electricity consumption and the installation area. According to the current actual power consumption situation to determine the need to install a number of kilowatts of photovoltaic power plants, so that more economic. Can also build a little power of the power plant, so that the use of electricity can be sold to the country.

Calculation method: each kilowatt photovoltaic power generation system can send four kwh of electricity, the need to install area of 10 square meters. As long as the power generation of photovoltaic power plants is greater than the power consumption at home, then you can drive home all the appliances.

For example, at home every month to use 360 degrees of electricity, the roof can be installed area of 50 square.

According to the calculation method, the home can be installed 3KW photovoltaic power generation system can meet all the electricity, the installation area of 30 square meters. If you want to take home all the roof, then up to install 5KW photovoltaic power generation system, which can meet the home's electricity, but also can have a surplus of electricity to the national grid, to sell electricity to make money.

3, subsidy policy.

August 26, 2013, the national development and Reform Commission to determine, distributed solar backup generator subsidy of 0.42 yuan / degree (pre tax), the principle of the period of 20 years. In addition, there are local subsidies, different provinces and regions are not the same subsidies, the need to consult the local policy

Household photovoltaic power generation

Household photovoltaic power generation revenue includes three parts:

1, subsidies to make money: state subsidies 0.42 yuan / degree + provincial subsidies + cities and counties (slightly different), whether it is their own use or sell, as long as the electricity has subsidies.

2, save electricity: power generation themselves, do not pay electricity, equal to make money.

3, to sell electricity to make money: with the electricity sold to the country, the price of electricity in accordance with the local coal-fired unit benchmark price of 0.56 yuan / degree or so. (local electricity price is slightly different).

types of household photovoltaic power generation access grid

There are two types of household photovoltaic power generation access grid:

Self occupied, more than electricity (priority to their own use, to sell to the country)

All Internet access (sold to the state)

Family photovoltaic power generation generally choose second kinds, that is, spontaneous self use, more than the internet. This does not need solar power batteries, the night can not generate electricity when the power grid directly.

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