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How Long for the Lithium-ion battery first charge

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-27 11:16:27

Lithium-ion battery, weekdays, we call it a lithium battery. In daily life, lithium batteries for us to use mobile phones, laptops are closely related to the current use of lithium batteries have been very in-depth extensive, like solar powered portable generator etc, but people use lithium batteries may not be so familiar with common sense. Lithium-ion battery for the first time how long the charging time, lithium battery charging method correctly, how is the discharge method? Lithium battery in the use of the precautions which? With these questions we look down.


Lithium batteries are divided into lithium batteries and lithium-ion batteries. At present, mobile phones and notebook computers are used lithium-ion battery, commonly known as lithium batteries. The current use of mobile phones and other lithium-ion battery, and the real lithium battery due to the risk of large, not used in daily electronic products.


Lithium-ion battery energy density, the average output voltage is high. Self-discharge is small, less than 10% per month. No memory effect. Operating temperature range is -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃. Cycle performance, fast charge and discharge, charging efficiency up to 100%, and the output power. long lasting. No environmental pollution, known as the green battery.


So how long for the lithium-ion battery first charge?


For laptop batteries, cell phone batteries, camera, MP3 MP4 PSP lithium battery(lifepo4 batteries):


1, whether or not a new battery, full can pull down to use, generally charge 2-4 hours to full, do not charge 8 hours to 12 hours or more, as harmful;


2, when there is too low battery power tips, you should try to start charging in time;


3, lithium battery activation does not require a special method, the battery factory has been activated. If you insist on using the spread of the "first three 12-hour long charge to activate" method, in fact, will not be effective.


Lithium battery charging method:


(1) Standard charging method: 0.2C5 constant current charging to the battery terminal voltage of 4.20V, changed to constant voltage charging, to charge current <0.01C5 is considered full.


Standard charge method is often used for battery capacity calibration, because charging is too slow, rarely used in everyday use.


(2) fast charging method: 1C5 constant current charge to the battery terminal voltage of 4.20V, to constant current charging, to charge current <0.01C5.


Note the fast charging method:


① initial charge current can not be too large, so as to avoid overheating of the battery, leakage, burst phenomenon.


② When the battery terminal voltage reaches 4.20V, it must be transferred to constant voltage immediately. This voltage is required to be high (error <0.5%) and must be measured with more than four and a half meters.


Lithium battery discharge method:


(1) standard discharge method: to 0.2C5 constant current discharge to the battery terminal voltage of 2.75V.


Because the daily use of this condition is difficult to meet, so little significance, the method is mainly used for battery capacity calibration.


(2) fast discharge method: because the lithium-ion battery resistance is very small, so to allow high-current discharge at room temperature to 1C5 discharge current discharge more than 54 minutes (90%); 1.5C5 discharge time of 30 minutes; Discharge time of 23 minutes or more; and allow short-term greater current discharge.


The right charge and discharge methods is benefit to protect the battery, like our solar power system, we use lifepo4 battery pack with smart BMS to control the charge and discharge.

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