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How Far For Solar Photovoltaic Charging Pile Can Go?

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-08 16:46:38

"It was like a beautiful fireworks, with a bang on the sky, falling, all gray!"


Three years ago, the author and the photovoltaic industry, a big brother deep chat, he described the difficult circumstances of the solar power generator industry at that time.


Thus think of the current charging pile investment fever: which is the number of hidden "dust"?


In China's emerging industries, national policy has always played a "catalyst" role, can let the passers-by and wait and see the excitement and eventually ran over them. Some investors seemed to be able to from the relevant planning in a word or two to "see through" an industry in the next 3 years, 5 years, 10 years or even a beautiful picture.


Recently, the national development and Reform Commission issued guidelines for the development of electric vehicle infrastructure parties looking "(2015-2020)", "guide" from speeding up charging pile layout, relax the investment threshold, to increase financial support, given the detailed articles of the hitherto unknown and clearly, to 2020, basically completed, car pile with moderate advance smart, efficient charging infrastructure charging system, meet the needs of more than 5 million electric cars.


The influence of the "guide", was like burning fire sprinkled a handful of fine salt, all capital investment enthusiasm continues to pop. "


What will be the future of the actual situation?


How to cut into and financing?


"Optimistic about the prospects, and now into the relatively easy, and so on the market is really up to go in, when it may not close me anything!" First good position, this is a lot in common psychological capital. A lot of companies want to seize a rare opportunity suddenly left and right, and in the future came into force.


It is predicted that this year China's charging facilities market size will reach 20 billion yuan in 2016 to 40 billion yuan, in 2020 will exceed 100 billion yuan. So hundreds of billions of expectations, the temptation of more and more enterprises to join the more pressing to the feast.


In general, compared with other ways, the new three board, backdoor listing is the most efficient way to quickly enter the capital market charging pile enterprises.


How to finance, how to present a lot of money, this entry companies charging pile is the "top priority".


In September 28th, Dongyuan main electrical high voltage switch equipment of the announcement that the listed company Chinese name change to "China Xuan tech", through asset restructuring, backdoor successful lithium batteries include lifepo4 batteries tech leading enterprises in the country listed after the listing, immediately announced the electric vehicle charging equipment has become a new focus of business development.


Prior to the national Xuan Xuan, rich technology also through asset replacement, in September this year to become the new three board (National SME share transfer system) charging pile first. For the layout of the super charging stations dedicated to the technology, the landing capital market is the important premise of the construction of 1000 super charging stations in the next two years.

 the electric vehicle charging equipment

Clearly, the listing of financing is a lot of new energy industry chain companies will embark on the road, after all, who's production is high, who has more outlets, who is likely to become industry standards makers.


In addition, more industrial chain of listed companies will be turned into charging facilities construction and operation of the field. Compared with the field of vehicle manufacturing, charging pile threshold is relatively low, the various capital into the relatively easy.


The problem is that there are three listed on the main board of profit threshold, new energy related businesses and most not listed on the establishment of the time are not more than two years, the gem is now increasingly stringent audit, enterprises need to open up more financing channels.


The current financing mode, public-private PPP mode is accelerating, including corporate bonds, special funds, investment subsidies and other ways of investment and financing of the release, for charging pile of the Red Sea racing battle sounded the clarion call of financing. It can be expected that the future of charging pile construction like solar backup generator, public private partnership in the form of mixed ownership must be a breakthrough point, which may improve the overall efficiency of the project construction and operation, reduce the cost of the transaction process.


In the end the choice of what kind of financing mode, each enterprise may have very big difference, according to the actual situation to decide, prudent choice.
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