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How Choose the Right Households Solar Power System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 10:26:09
Ordinary families can also use the roof, balcony and other open space installation of solar powered portable generator systems, both to their own power supply, but also the remaining power sold to the state, but if the cost considerations and other factors, not all families are suitable for installation of solar photovoltaic devices . The use of solar photovoltaic power generation to the family to save electricity, solar PV inverter voltage costs, but the cost of installing a solar powered portable generator system is more expensive, a set of equipment may have to invest tens of thousands, take decades to recover the cost, so According to the actual household electricity situation. Investment in solar power is not an absolute number, but according to the family to measure the cost of ordinary electricity consumption.

In general, the greater the household electricity consumption, the more suitable for the installation of solar powered portable generator equipment, the shorter the time to recover the cost of investment. Followed by the proportion of more electricity during the day, the more suitable for the installation of solar power generation equipment. Therefore, a small processing plant family, shops, etc. are more suitable for installation. And very little electricity consumption, especially in the daytime little electricity home, it is not suitable for installation using solar power generation equipment. Because domestic solar power generation system is an initial investment, long-term benefit of power generation projects, regardless of power generation system capacity is large or small, there are problems of high initial investment costs. Although in the long run is a project to save electricity costs, but the initial installation cost is not all families are willing to bear.
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Household solar powered portable generator system For the home or outdoor power, can only install off-grid solar power generation use lifepo4 battery pack equipment, investment costs are often several times higher than the normal cost of electricity, is unable to use the normal cost of electricity to the standard To measure. Therefore, no electricity in the home or outdoor areas, the field is not suitable for investment in large-scale solar power generation systems, can only invest in small-scale solar power generation equipment to solve the basic problem of electricity. If the electricity demand is only ordinary lighting, charging, it can choose portable solar power generation systems, such systems are cheap, easy to use, can be a good solution to emergency use and other special circumstances of the electricity demand.

Grid-connected solar power generation systems in which the system is connected to the public power grid and is coordinated with the mains to supply power to the household. In our country has free network, in addition to their own electricity, the remaining power can also be sold to the state. Grid is also divided into energy storage equipment and energy storage equipment, power generation system, when the weather is good enough power generation use lifepo4 battery pack for power energy, there is no reserve does not matter. However, if you encounter rainy days, the city has failed, there are energy storage equipment can also be used for some electrical appliances, and no energy storage equipment can not be powered.
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The human family to invest a certain amount of money to purchase the installation of solar energy facilities, the nature of the Jingdong 48v 2000w inverter solar energy to be fully utilized, not only to save the family on weekdays in energy costs, and from green energy, Height, on the protection of human common home - the Earth's environmental aspects, but also play a positive contribution to the role. Some developed countries from the international practice of the situation, the home solar energy solar street light controller electrical system, mainly concentrated in: solar collectors and portable solar power generator systems, the two major applications. 5.5kw photovoltaic water pump built at that time, many domestic solar power generation, or some micro-speech, and basically that in the domestic ordinary family, is unlikely to achieve things.
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