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Hoverboard Recall

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-10 17:11:05
hoverboardAfter months of warnings from the Consumer Product Safety Commission about the dangers of hoverboards, 10 companies today announced recalls of more than a half million of the devices. They were all manufactured in China and distributed in the U.S. since June 2015. The products usually use lithium battery, and lifepo4 battery pack belongs to lithium battery.

The recall list includes the popular Swagway X1 hoverboard sold at Amazon, Target, and Modell's; Hovertrax models sold by Razor at Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, and Walmart; and lesser-known models marketed under the brand names Hover-Way, Powerboard, Hype Roam, iMoto, Airwalk, Wheeli, 2Wheelz, Back to the Future, Mobile Tech, Hover Shark, NWS, X Glider, and X Rider.

“All of the hoverboard models included in this recall were made with fundamental design flaws that put people at real risk,” commission chairman Elliot Kaye said in a statement.
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