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Household Photovoltaic Power Station

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-04 14:49:15

Western countries use the roof to build photovoltaic power plants can be seen everywhere, as we install solar water heaters on the roof as common. In the country, there are more and more families choose to install solar power generator plants. The perfect combination of solar modules and the roof, so that the original reinforced concrete built into the roof, rejuvenated, highlighting the personality.


Roof components can also act to "regulate" the room temperature. Summer and winter, respectively, can play a cooling and insulation effect. With photovoltaic power generation, not only saves electricity purchased from the grid, but also through the cooling air-conditioning to save energy, to double the energy-saving effect!


Compared with the ground power station, distributed home solar backup generator plant and network faster. Land-based power plants want to be successful, have to cross a lot of points, land departments, forestry, agriculture, village committees, villagers, the power sector, etc., procedures are cumbersome, and home PV power plant process simpler , Is the fastest application process, install the fastest, and the fastest network, access to subsidized the fastest form of application. The general installation process is usually not more than 3 days; grid acceptance is generally not more than 7 days; therefore, the entire process the fastest 15 days to complete. While subsidies are generally not more than 3 months a cycle.


Household PV power plant can be installed only a few million, you can also enjoy 0.42 yuan of national electricity subsidies, this subsidy will last 20 years. For the use of electricity, the national grid will be desulfurization coal-fired electricity price recovery. For individual families, the investment seems to be relatively high tens of thousands of dollars, but now the era of negative interest rates, the hands of the spare cash, the existence of the bank is devalued; no bank, tens of thousands of dollars can not buy a house can not buy land, Out to build a home PV power plant, the return on investment rate of return of more than 10%!


In addition, the home PV power plant which functions?


To help the poor: photovoltaic power generation clean and environmentally friendly, reliable technology, stable income. Therefore, such a tricky project has naturally become the main force in the strategy of accurate poverty alleviation, many poor areas of farmers are in the government and the community to help with the installation of household photovoltaic power plants, enjoy the stability of photovoltaic power generation gains.


Can the pension: many rural old people do not have old-age insurance, therefore, household PV power station this income stable product becomes the most suitable old people's old-age depend on. Children invest and build, the old fixed monthly money, income for up to 20 years.


Can be "famous": now home solar generator station is still a new thing, someone installed on a set, it would have to be Patricia small celebrity, local newspapers, television coverage had reported it. These are the same as you and me ordinary people, because installed a home PV power station on the TV!

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