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Household Battery Storage Cost

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-11 09:44:51
household battery storageDoes lithium storage energy cost $50 MWh, $100MWh, or $400MWh?

Today you get one answer, but always there is someone saying that at the “end of the rainbow” there will be another answer. The lithium storage also can be used in solar powered portable generator.

In our minds we don’t really know because as yet the volumes in the market are just not high enough to give a clear road map on costs.

We estimate less than 5000 grid connected systems NEM wide.

Chatting around at last week’s excellent Clean Energy Summit conference in Sydney, we tried to get a vibe of how many solar power batteries, connected to the grid (“hybrid”) have actually been installed to date.

The answer still seems to be ‘not many.’ We think less than 5000 and would not be surprised if it was less than 2000. But we don’t know. What we do know, thanks to SolarQuotes, is that that there are lots of brands and vendors. Here at ITK we rearranged SolarQuotes data, to highlight a few points. 
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