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Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-02 08:54:46
Household & Commercial Energy Storage ProductsBased on the customer's power supply and demand, combined with the power configuration, power management information, energy-efficient power plant scale, intelligent load management principles, the design of the energy storage system integration program, including the system's operation, the integration of the project engineer, Mode, system operation and maintenance management.

According to reports, the battery-scale energy storage capacity of 1.5MW, the rated energy storage capacity of 12MWh, which lead-acid battery lead-acid battery supercapacitor into one, the super capacitor in a short time to play the characteristics of large-capacity charging technology, Maintaining the advantages of high specific capacity of the former battery, has a good charge and discharge performance and longer service life. The system completes a charge and discharge cycle every day, that is to complete the "valley" period of the grid charge, the power is in the "peak" discharge time to achieve the demand side of the supply, so as to achieve the purpose of peak load shifting to reduce the user enterprise peak demand , Enhance the power system operating economy and stability. To achieve the traditional energy and clean energy interoperability, complementary sharing, greatly enhance the company's electrical system anti-risk, anti-interference ability.

According to the agreement announced earlier integration of information, its flagship E-KwBe household energy storage system applications have achieved substantive results, the first batch of products in Australia have completed the installation and commissioning and smooth.

E-KwBe is the first self-developed R & D household energy storage products, with its leading-edge technology, stylish appearance and the price of subversive, released the first day that is thousands of orders. This product has a high energy density, easy installation, good compatibility, advanced battery management system, long cycle life, and light weight, no noise and other characteristics, is integrated into the distributed home PV market, a new integrated photovoltaic Intelligent energy storage products, such as UN38.3 has been certified by the world.

In the future, E-KwBe will further enrich the capacity on the basis of the existing 2.5kwh and 5.6kwh, improve the cycle life, discharge rate, product applications from low-end to high-end comprehensive coverage, Energy storage products will cover new energy, consumer, power, communications and many other areas. The E-KwBe-Lf series and E-KwBe-LT series, which are medium-sized energy storage, are under development and will be marketed in time to meet the various energy storage needs of the electricity market.

The current portable solar power generator energy storage has entered the stage of industrialization, the distributed photovoltaic micro-grid policy, the electricity demand side management compensation price policy, the electric power market reform driven electric power auxiliary service market policy, the peak electricity price and compensation policy, promoted the energy storage business model The establishment of the user side of the "distributed PV + storage", power grid side of the energy storage frequency modulation peak power plant, the generation side of the scale of energy storage, energy storage development of the Troika, led the energy storage market started.

As a leader in photovoltaic industry, Xixin integrates into the system integrator by introducing energy storage into the system integration package. With the "PV + energy storage system" model, XIEHIN integrates to provide users with more complete energy solutions and actively build energy storage Technical differentiation of the competitiveness of the raised investment 500MWh energy storage battery project mainly using ternary lithium battery technology, will greatly enhance the company's energy storage product capacity to meet the domestic and international market, the rapid growth of energy storage needs. The estimated construction period is 12 months and the internal rate of return on investment is 20.30%. In addition, the association has been integrated on the slow exchange of AC and DC fast filling pile for a comprehensive layout is expected by the end of production capacity of 50,000, the proportion of AC and DC in 3: 7 or so. The company is expected by virtue of the advantages in the field of photovoltaic corridor into the field of charging pile. Energy storage, charging pile will open up new profit growth point of listed companies.
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