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Honda Developed Magnesium Batteries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-15 11:14:42
batteriesRecently, Samsung mobile phone battery explosion, so that the focus of people back to the battery safety issues, according to foreign media reports, Honda has developed a magnesium battery, low cost, is expected to replace lifepo4 battery pack.

According to Taiwan's "China Times" reported on October 11, Samsung Note 7 battery explosion occurred more than the global recall and then listed twice, and then announced the shutdown, stop selling, the safety of lithium batteries has become the general public attention The focus.

Honda research and development of magnesium batteries, close to the commercial stage, in a cost advantage, the future may replace the lithium battery.
Reported that magnesium batteries may become a disruptive product to change the rules of the game. Not only for smart phones, or other products need to charge, charge a longer battery life after; magnesium cost is also lower than the 96% lithium, for battery manufacturers more attractive.

The research and development of magnesium batteries, mainly by the Japanese Saitama County Public Technology Center (Saitec) led. While Honda's team has begun to assess the feasibility of magnesium batteries.

Developers expect magnesium batteries to begin selling before 2018, initially expected to be used in smart phones and other products that emphasize portability.
Reported that Honda and Saitec is expected to be held next month in Chiba scientific meeting to display the battery.
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