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Homeowners Choose Off-Grid Solar System

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-20 21:14:39
distributed solar photovoltaicSolar energy is not just an opportunity to reduce its carbon footprint. When you install solar powered portable generator panel on the roof, you will be closer to their own power production and consumption into their own hands. One of the biggest decisions a solar purchaser must make is whether to install a standard grid-connected solar system, a solar battery backup or a fully off-grid solar system. When you decide to grid solar and off-grid solar battery backup system, you should remember it all.

Off-grid solar technology is becoming more and more advanced every year, more and more companies are manufacturing household solar cells. If you install battery storage with your PV system, you can store excess solar power generator when you need it and then use it. Theoretically, this means that you can completely cut off the connection with your power company. In practice, keeping grid connections is usually more meaningful, especially if you live in areas with severe climate change.

Most of today's solar cells for home use, such as the Tesla Powerwall, are designed to store solar energy generated during the day for your home at night. This can help you reduce reliance on utility power by storing excess solar power at home instead of sending it back to the grid.

The trickier proposition is to generate and store enough additional solar power to meet your future needs when solar power is at its peak and in the winter with the lowest potential for solar energy. According to the EnergySage Marketplace, the average solar shopper consumes 86% of its annual electricity consumption - a significant fraction of the solar energy - but not enough to "completely disengage from the grid".

Preventing total power loss in the event of a winter storm or prolonged cloudy days will require large amounts of storage capacity, very large solar panel systems and a large amount of financial investment to install. While the use of solar cells to leave the grid is technically feasible, it is rarely cost-effective compared to the benefits of maintaining the grid.
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