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Holland ZEP solar Watts has been sold in many countries

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-11 16:22:24

The CEO of Tesla (CEO) recently released by the solar roof tiles plan in solar power generator is concerned. But the company has been developed last year, and has been in the sales."


The Holland ZEP solar residential roof. There is no difference between a distant view and a common tile.


Holland ZEP company in November 2nd issued a public confrontation with Tesla's statement.

The United States is expected to enter the SolarCity and Tesla Tesla's jointly launched a solar tile market, estimated to be next year. The ZEP says the solar roof in addition to Holland, in Germany, UK and Scandinavia and other Nordic countries are on sale.


ZEP is embedded in the ceramic tile solar power batteries, which constitute the roof of the solar tile. It is said that solar power can be used as a power outlet.


And also, the use of heat in the solar roof to the boiler in the lower part of the recycling, storage technology. Allegedly, by the power and heat from the solar energy, energy will be able to minimize the cost of light and heat to the house.


The company said, solar roof tiles and heat recovery technologies have been patented, and that ahead of tesla.


For Tesla and SolarCity solar roof tiles released the earnest attention of the world, although ZEP appeared against consciousness, but for the company's solar roof attention for improving show welcome.


The company's Joostde Graaf said, "Musk solar backup generator will become the mainstream of  in the future; this has prophetic vision insight, and our company is the same. Two the ideal mission of the company is the same."


ZEP listed company in 2015 the only black solar roof tiles. Has announced that from the beginning of this year will be listed on the red section. The red tiles on the importance of solar city landscape protection area of northern Europe, especially in demand.

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