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High-End Lithium Battery Separator For New Energy Power Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-18 17:09:26
Tesla S will make a new one hundred kwh battery type P100D-end version to become the world's fastest accelerating production car, X-type, high-performance version of the SUV will be equipped with the same lifepo4 batteries pack. Meanwhile, the new upgraded version of the Tesla battery pack will extend the car's mileage, mileage performance version of the S-type will be more than 483 km of the 338 km range of existing Tesla Model S battery life 435 kilometers.

Lithium battery separator is the performance, security and cost determination of important material. In the main raw material for lithium-ion batteries, in addition to the positive anode material and an electrolyte solution, the membrane is also very important part. The main role of the separator is in the battery positive and negative electrodes separated to prevent contact with the positive and negative short-circuit. In the four lithium-ion battery materials, accounting for cathode materials, about 10% -15% of the cost after the film, and in some high-end  lifepo4, the higher the proportion of the cost of the film.

From the diaphragm, the thickness, porosity, tensile properties required strength, puncture strength, and a liquid-absorbent and other basic parameters can affect battery performance, and thus became a lithium battery separator material, technical barriers four highest material. With the electric car battery quality requirements continue to increase, as well as sales of new energy vehicles, high-end lithium battery separator industry will have a huge market potential.

China's new energy auto market's explosive growth so that the battery industry has entered a period of rapid development, production capacity will help accelerate the drive to increase the focus on the needs of the lithium battery separator materials. We plan to 2020, new energy vehicles 2,000,500 Wan's annual inventory. China in the new energy vehicle sales of about 390,000 last year, the next five years compound annual growth rate will reach 40%. Agency is expected in 2016 about 108 square one billion meters of lithium battery separator market demand, and our mainstream lithium battery separator production capacity of about 656 million square meters, there is a serious shortage of production capacity, is still dependent on imports.

Subject to market demand and to attract high-margin industry in recent years, the domestic lithium battery separator capacity for rapid expansion, it could be used in solar powered portable generator. However, with well-known foreign giants as compared to China's lithium battery separator manufacturers in product development, manufacturing process control, product consistency, production equipment manufacturing and brand awareness, etc., there is a big gap. Currently, the domestic division of the main face of the low-end market, capacity expansion to low-end products. In contrast, the high-end market in the separator industrial supply situation is stable, less competitive, are guaranteed rate of return. Take the high lithium battery separator will be the future direction of industrial development, and high-end enterprise products production capacity is expected first to benefit.
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