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High Efficient Solar Cell Development

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-27 07:35:24
The European Union's 7th R & D Framework Program (FP7) provides 3 million euros, with a total research and development investment of 4 million euros. It supports the interdisciplinary scientific and technical personnel from the six member countries of the European Union and the associated countries of Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Sweden and Switzerland. GLOBASOL team. From March 2013 onwards, long-term commitment to a new generation of highly efficient solar powered portable generator cell technology research and development.
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GLOBASOL research team identified the technology development route is to maximize the absorption of solar radiation using the full spectrum of light, not only need to improve the efficiency of solar photovoltaic conversion efficiency of solar radiation also need to improve the efficiency of solar radiation. Absorbent materials are the key to improving the conversion of solar full-spectrum photothermal energy to electrical energy efficiency. The research team adopts a two-step strategy to develop innovative sensitized mesoscopic solar cells (SMSCs) based on organic or organometallic dyes and quasi-solid dielectrics. material. SMSCs can efficiently absorb the solar radiation light within the wavelength of 750 nanometers, and then absorb the solar radiation light of 750-1100 nanometers wavelength through nanometer crystal technology, also known as quantum dot technology. The innovative photonic gap structure design amplifies the absorption of solar infrared and near-infrared spectra, designed as solar power generator cells in series arrangement of the top layer of the solar radiation to help absorb most of the low-energy photon.

For more than 1,100 nm wavelengths of solar radiation, the research team mainly uses the latest development of nanocrystalline, nanowire and amorphous alloy based on the combination of thermoelectric conversion materials, to maintain the Kelvin temperature range of 500-700 the best performance.
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Two kinds of new materials mixed with lead iodide and iodine methyl ammonium, to achieve the natural formation of symmetrical crystalline structure material. New hybrid photoelectric and thermoelectric materials technology development of a new generation of high efficiency solar cell prototype, the current solar energy conversion efficiency of more than 28%, creating a new world record.
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