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High Efficient Black Silicon Solar Cell

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-08 14:15:22
solar cellsFudan University, Department of Optical Science and Engineering Lu Ming group using black silicon material prepared a highly efficient solar cells. Related research results recently published in the "nanotechnology", while selected "nanotechnology anthology."

It is reported that the task force proposed a new method to improve the efficiency of the battery. This method uses a black silicon material, the efficiency of the preparation of the battery break through the international structure of the highest level of similar cells, reaching 18.97%. Researchers prepared pn junctions by diffusing phosphorus on p-type monocrystalline Si (100) and using chemical etching to form porous black silicon in the n-type emitter whose reflectance was below 0.3% in the UV-visible range.

Compared with the planar silicon cells, this black silicon cells with broad-spectrum characteristics, the photoelectric conversion efficiency of up to 18.97%. The open-circuit voltage of the black silicon cell is higher than that of the corresponding planar silicon cell, and the gradient band gap structure of the emitter suppresses the recombination of electron and hole on the front surface, because the band gap of silicon nanocrystal is higher than that of crystalline silicon. Due to the high absorption in the short wavelength range, the photovoltaic response at short wavelengths is also good.

The researchers said that compared to other black silicon cell manufacturing methods, this black silicon manufacturing method is simple, and in a wide wavelength range of reflection is lower (less than 0.3%), in the short wavelength range of quantum efficiency High, indicating a smaller surface composite. The manufacture of such a black silicon solar powered portable generator cell without adding any equipment, reflective film than the traditional suede addition and subtraction of the process is simple, lower cost, better results.
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