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High Efficiency Flexible Solar Cells

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-11 10:21:46
With the concept of energy-saving environmental protection in depth, people give more and more hope for new energy. The solar powered portable generator energy as the most readily available renewable energy, human development and exploration of it never stopped, thus creating a variety of solar cells. Now the market is common to the traditional solar cell using a P-type silicon material, photoelectric conversion rate of 16% -18%, even its upgraded products Perc solar cells, the conversion rate is only between 18% -20%. N-type silicon as a new type of silicon solar cells can be converted to 21% -22% conversion rate, it has also become the focus of many solar energy technology research and development.
High Efficiency Flexible Solar Cells
At present, has reached large-scale production of high efficiency N-type single-crystal silicon solar cells have several, namely Japan's Panasonic HIT structure solar cells, the United States SunPower IBC structure solar cells, using the double-sided battery technology Yingli Panda batteries, The new Austrian heterojunction cells, which several companies solar cell conversion efficiency can reach about 22%. In addition, Changzhou Trina Solar also IBC solar cell technology research and development.

Octopus is also a company based on N-type silicon material, the preparation of high efficiency flexible solar cell business. The team a total of more than 30 people, most of them have many years of technical experience. The team has been up to 6 years of technology research and development, and ultimately obtained a photoelectric conversion rate of about 22% of the IBC structure of flexible solar cells. Eight degrees sunshine CEO Liu Yifeng tells 36 Krypton, the positive and negative pole of the conventional battery are in the greeting and back light of the battery respectively, and the positive and negative electrode of IBC battery are on the back of the cell, can make solar cell face positive Do not see most of the positive solar power generator cells present the metal gate line. The gate line in the solar cell plays a conductive role, but the presence of the gate line will block a part of the effective absorption area, and the gate line there are raw materials, high cost of silver paste, the sun is too strong will lead to hot spots and other shortcomings. IBC technology can increase the surface of the effective absorption area, thereby enhancing the photoelectric conversion rate.
High Efficiency Flexible Solar Cells
In addition to high conversion efficiency, octave solar efficient solar cells also have a certain flexibility, in particular, is 125mm in width on the bend can reach 45 °. Liu Yifeng said that many applications such as roofs, lighting and other non-planar scene with solar cells can be bent. The silicon material itself is very fragile, so the traditional solar cells are made of glass and other hard materials for battery packaging. The octave sun team mainly from the silicon material itself and silicon surface treatment of two aspects of technology development, a long-term experimental exploration, and ultimately to achieve its flexible characteristics. From the material itself is through a special process can control the thickness of silicon materials in the 100μm or so, silicon material in the case of relatively thin will have a certain flexibility. Surface treatment, the sun on the surface of silicon material softened, so that the silicon material to form a micro-crystal structure, the application of external force in the case of crystal layer and the crystal layer will be between the micro-displacement, thus avoiding the fracture . In addition, the use of a gate wire also allows the flexible characteristics to be realized. If the grid line is present on the surface, the gate line may be peeled off when the solar panel is bent. Liu Yifeng told 36 krypton of this flexible crystalline silicon solar cell is the main flexible packaging materials PET and ETFE. PET cost is relatively low, but as organic materials in the sun will be long exposure to yellowing, life is relatively short, about 6 years. ETFE good stability, good light transmission, life of up to 25 years, but the cost is relatively high. Users can choose different requirements according to different flexible packaging materials.
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