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High Capacity Lithium Cathode Material

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-26 16:08:58

At present, the development of lithium-ion battery is faced with a major problem is: compared to the anode material, cathode material capacity is generally low. V2O5 has a high theoretical capacity, is widely regarded as a promising lithium-ion battery cathode material. However, due to V2O5 poor capacity retention and low rate performance, making it in lithium-ion battery in the practical application of difficult. Currently, Lithium batteries could be used in solar powered portable generator.

In view of this, recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Wang Dan team reported a use of carbon microspheres as a template, based on metal anion adsorption mechanism prepared hollow multi-shell V2O5 microspheres. This method is very different from the conventional metal cation adsorption mechanism. According to the traditional method of cation adsorption, the prepared V2O5 is often only single-shell hollow microsphere structure.


In this work, the researchers prepared a series of different structures of V2O5 hollow microspheres (Figure 2) by controlling the precursor concentration, adsorption temperature, adsorption time, solvent and heat treatment process of the five different parameters. The alum ions penetrate into the carbon microspheres as a catalyst to promote the combustion of the carbon microspheres during the heat treatment. As the carbon-based micro-ball combustion process alum-based catalyst gradually released and crystallized into V2O5, and further play the role of catalytic combustion. Now the V2O5 as cathode material to combine into lithium batteries, it could be used in portable solar power generator.


This process is similar to the Greek myth of the soldiers from the Trojan horse in the scene, so the author called the Troy catalytic combustion process (Trojan catalytic combustionprocess). Although different methods may have similar structures, such as multi-cavity hollow microspheres and double-shell V2O5 hollow microspheres, the three shells prepared by different methods are different: three shells prepared by three times of adsorption process The hollow microspheres have a thicker shell, which may be due to the fact that the means of the triple adsorption operation are not as continuous as the other means, reducing the catalytic effect of the troy and the separation of the shell.

Then the researchers made the three-shell V2O5 hollow microspheres as lithium-ion battery anode electrochemical performance of the characterization, the study found that the multi-shell V2O5 hollow microspheres at 1000 mA g-1 conditions for the first time under the capacity of up to 447.9 mAhg-1, and after 100 cycles, the specific capacity was maintained at 402.4 mAh g-1. Significantly higher than that of other V2O5 hollow structures. Now for our storage system, we are using lithium batteries with BMS, like LiFePO4 battery pack.

Therefore, a series of multi-shell metal oxide hollow microspheres (V2O5, MnO2, MoO3, Cr2O3, WO3) can be obtained by using this carbon microsphere template based on metal anion adsorption mechanism, which overcomes the limitation of the previous experimental scheme , Greatly enriched the class of metal oxide hollow microspheres. This multi-shell metal oxide hollow microsphere cathode material significantly reduces the gap between the positive and negative materials, the capacity for the development of next-generation lithium-ion battery to create a new channel.

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