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Hi-Tech Soalr Power Portable Genertaor Tent

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-08 16:06:13
If you like camping this Hi-Tech solar power portable genertaor tent is best for your.While camping fun, but we are very difficult to get enough good quality of rest. But with this tent, use solar energy is converted into energy, supply tent lighting, all kinds of use of home appliances, electric tools such as charging cell phone charger, laptop online supply. Commonly used in outdoor activities, easy camping. These are no longer a problem.

Such tents with solar cells cold stored enery at lifePo4 batteries, can provide power. Designers said that solar energy can be used for tents in the affected areas, disaster can solve many common problems. In addition, a plurality of solar tents also can be combined to form large Jianyi Peng, used by many people. Solar tent obtuse triangle. The outer surface of the tent is made of advanced flexible solar cells constructed, capable of generating enough electricity to meet the needs. Tent top bracket with LED lights, lighting for people to use. Do not run out of electricity is stored in a tent at the top of the lifePo4 battery.

Known as the world's most advanced pop-up tent, it has solar energy, heat, LED lighting and a retractable roof and many other convenient features. In the hot summer, in direct sunlight tent will become very hot, the sun roof can reflect heat rays, thereby keeping cool inside the tent. And at night, it can prevent the loss of heat inside the tent. It comes with a portable solar power generator, its capacity of 13000mAh, at the same time to charge two mobile devices.
solar power tent
If the space is too small tent, but also provides a scalable ceiling, space can expand to 75%, so you can cook them, eat, relax and chat with friends or play games. Double-layer design can effectively avoid condensation inside the tent, comfortable resting thickened damp cloth as much as possible to improve. Outer tent made of fabric material 4000HH, water capacity is three times that of ordinary materials. Tent pile built LED, can maintain its visibility in darkness, the sun roof can reflect heat gloss to maintain cool inside the tent. At the same time, it comes with two LED flashlight, which can even be deformed quickly become a LED lantern.Use this portable solar power generator tent with full pleasure.

Solar components of solar tent used plastic instead of glass, for example, a solar power generation electronic device, since it is lighter and easier to carry, in addition, on the ground of these products can be easily turned off, carry or open again. Alternative powerful energy. Thin-film photovoltaic technology to produce solar modules use lightweight tents using portable solar power generator, which is 10 times higher energy than conventional batteries. These components provide the energy can supplement or replace the previous traditional batteries. Today's military and defense forces either front or rear require considerable flexibility. The sun is the success of the site operator to provide this alternative energy needs.

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