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Hawaii to test energy storage technology

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-21 13:51:27

Hawaii has become one of the most expensive energy sources in the United States because of its dependence on energy. In recent years, it has actively developed its own energy resources and vigorously promoted renewable energy. As a result, the mainstream of energy storage technology is battery technology, the energy store can be used in solar powered portable generator. Hawaiian Electric has experimented with everything from lithium battery systems to storage-type electric water heaters as virtual energy storage, and now tests the flywheel technology with Amber Kinetics, a startup.


Amber Power Technology from the United States Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) and the University of California at Berkeley, by the University of California at Berkeley Center for Entrepreneurship Development SkyDeck counseling bred in 2013 and Founder of the company Berkeley Energy Sciences (Berkeley Energy Sciences) merged to start commercial operations, and then by the state of Hawaii Energy Accelerate Innovation Fund (Energy Excelerator) counseling. In 2015, Amber Power received a 20-megawatt plan from California's Pacific Gas & Electric (PG & E).


Amber power flywheel franchise technology, the flywheel 95% of the material for the steel, claiming 30 years warranty, the only wear and tear of the parts for the bearings, only every 10 years to replace the bearings, relative to the lithium battery life may have 10 years to re-replace all, such as lifepo4 batteries, Amber power that the flywheel is more cost-effective.


Flywheel technology has the advantage of rapid release of energy, rapid adjustment of the grid, but limited by the flywheel continued rotation of the air resistance and friction, flywheel kinetic energy will be slowly lost, not suitable for long-term energy storage. Our portable solar power generator could use this kind of Previously, other flywheel companies, such as Beacon Power, built power grids and energy storage systems in New York State, and were designed to respond to rapid response needs rather than long-term storage.


Amber Power improves on flywheel design and uses more homogeneous steel to minimize air drag, friction and resistance during flywheel rotations, thus providing a 4-hour charge-discharge cycle for long-term energy storage. In 2012, Amber Power claimed that its technology than other flywheel technology can reduce the cost of half. Coupled with the use of high-performance electric motors, Amber Power also claims that its flywheel can support unlimited charge and discharge cycles for more than 20 years without loss of capacity.


The Hawaii power only a small-scale test 1 amber power of the second generation of 25 kWh storage capacity flywheel, installed in Oahu, one of the two major power plants in Campbell (Campbell) power plant, while Hawaii Electric also in Ouhu Island test 1,000 degrees of lithium battery energy storage system, Hawaii Electric has not announced how to use energy storage devices, but is generally considered to support an increasing proportion of renewable energy, the current one-tenth of the island of Oahu Households have residential roof solar energy, and large-scale wind farm also built-in battery energy storage, for example use in solar power generator.


The Hawaiian Electric also tested two different energy storage technology, in the end what technology to win, the results will become other countries and the development of energy companies to the energy storage of the official and private institutions reference.

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