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HJT Leads The Solar Cell Revolution

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-23 11:22:30
solar cellsThe current efficient single crystal PERC battery conversion efficiency of up to 20.8% on average about the future need for new technology to make the conversion efficiency in one fell swoop break 23%. At present, the community generally believe that IBC, HJT, or a combination of the two HBC will be the next generation to improve the efficiency of the main battery technology, which in turn favored by the industry HJT.

HJT (heterojunction) heterojunction cell is based on the N-type battery, the use of sophisticated coating technology, will be different materials in accordance with the order to create a new solar powered portable generator cell, And other characteristics. Japan KANEKA HJT heterojunction technology has been successfully through the production specifications of the battery conversion efficiency increased to 26% or more, the international community also SolarCity, Panasonic, Sunlight, Jineng and other manufacturers have announced the investment in HJT technology research and development and production.

HJT batteries require special equipment to produce, based on the need for a combination of multi-layer structures. At present the world's major HJT equipment manufacturers in small quantities, one of which is located in Taiwan's precision technology.
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