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Grid Plan Aims For Solar Power

Author: Source: Datetime: 2017-07-05 12:15:42
In the first phase of a plan, how Hawaii Electric Company to provide electricity to about 450,000 customers nationwide, a plan that significantly reshaped the company's $ 205 million upgrade in six years.

The draft proposal has been significantly reduced in cost and scope compared to the previous $ 736 million grid modernization proposal.
Grid Plan Aims For Solar Power
Public utility regulators rejected previous proposals that the benefits of rates payers were not sufficient to justify costs. A common complaint is that the program does not provide a sufficient vision for distributed resources for increasingly important sources of electricity, such as residential roof solar systems.

July 21, 2014 Solar panels in the parking lot of the 665 Halekauwila in Kakko City. Also shows the renovation of the park by the building developers.
The HECO draft The grid modernization program calls for the design of technologies designed to accommodate distributed energy generation, such as solar power generator rooftop solar energy.

The Public Utilities Commission noted the need to accommodate about 77,000 solar systems set by HECO customers.

The goal of the country is to generate 100% of the energy from renewable resources by 2045, and the key part is to allocate energy. The PUC expresses the hope that it will be able to accommodate more resources.

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