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Gree Partnership With Silver Long On New Energy Vehicle

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-11-05 10:13:46
GreeAs one of the representative of the female heroine Dong Mingzhu girl, the number of play in recent years, the number of popular questioned by the outside world. Gree words of the phone and the reality of the bleak also vividly, this time thrown 13 billion acquisition of Silver Long new energy, it seems the girl is to be the real thing.

New energy vehicles and air conditioning, such as Geshan, Miss Dong this must be treated with caution. Gree this partnership Silver Long new energy, some people may be just some impression, but not very familiar with. Also in August this year, since the announcement of the acquisition plan Gree, Silver Long before into (rub) in order to focus on new energy industry.

But careful little partner must have found that we work every day to take part of the bus is from the Yinlong factory. According to its own within the Silver Dragon, the annual number of new energy bus delivery in the industry is the overall upward growth and rapid. Bus is not as large as the market demand for civilian vehicles, once put into the production of civil new energy, whether it will really be delivered on time, repairer can be protected, etc., are the subsequent need to actually verify the problem.

New energy in the manufacturing process, the lifepo4 battery technology is the most attention, but also the most easily criticized. Here have to talk about silver dragon internal "black technology", and that is the core technology - lithium titanate batteries. Lithium titanate batteries specifically what it is, people's core technology, it must be quite Cock.

Lithium titanate lithium battery than lithium iron phosphate and other technologies in terms of energy density is low weakness, but its wide temperature resistance, high safety, long life, the advantages of faster charge and discharge more worthy of attention. Although lithium titanate energy density in theory relative to lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium and other low, but the last 3 years through continuous research and development, the lithium titanate battery energy density increased by 40%, and still maintain 6-minute fast charge, 30-year cycle life characteristics. According to Silver Long said: This is spent ten years to pay 10 billion yuan tuition fees learned technology. Presumably also the high cost of learning for Dong girls more determined to buy Silver Long determination. Because learning makes people happy.

Silver Long new energy supply mainly Beijing, Handan, Zhuhai and other cities, this year has entered Shenzhen, Anhui and other places, and Beijing has a special line of sightseeing is the use of silver-long production of electric double-decker tourist bus. As the demand continues to enlarge, the expansion of the scope of the popularization of new energy, Dong girl the "pre-emptive" move, shocked everyone. But I really hope that this market can be done so much cake, not balloon support.
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