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Gree Next Target Aimed At New Energy Vehicle

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-01 09:50:18
GreeBYD chairman Wang Chuanfu said lithium titanate batteries in some local areas, especially the very low temperature there is a certain market, but not as some people say so well, it also needs "hard skills."

Gree If the "holding red" lithium titanate batteries, BYD was playing the face. Gree cross-border mobile phone, the next target aimed at new energy vehicles, the news has been passed uproar. Finally, in mid-August, Gree disclosed a major asset restructuring plan, said it intends to 130 billion acquisition of Zhuhai Yinlong 100% stake in lithium titanate batteries, other than lifePo4 batteries, new energy vehicles and supporting charging facilities, and energy storage business.

However, Gree chairman Dong Mingzhu's recent position is contrary to all expectations, according to Dong Mingzhu's remarks, Gree Dragon is not to buy cars in Zhuhai, but want new energy technologies, "if only for repairer, in order to create Gree's next one hundred billion, that Geli and Silver Long's cooperation is blind. "
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