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Great Wall Pure Electric Cars

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-10-16 12:28:47
great wallView the environmental notice that the Great Wall has three pure electric cars have been on the directory, the specific date of sale should be in the year. Models from the appearance of cash is very similar to the C30, but between the different models in the appearance and configuration should be different.

Three models of the wheelbase are 2610MM, and the cash Great Wall C30 consistent, can be identified from the C30 developed on the basis of the electric car C30EV. In my most concerned about the power of the three different models of lifepo4 battery pack, including a model using the LG battery, the specific battery material is unknown; the other two models using the nickel-cobalt manganese oxide battery, the manufacturer for the Ningde era New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. LG for the Great Wall to provide electric vehicle batteries last year, the company had notice, but in June 2016 released the fourth batch of power battery specification directory, Samsung, LG and other Korean battery companies still failed to enter. According to regulations, the use of the battery does not enter the directory of new energy automotive products, will not enter the directory to promote new energy vehicles, which can not be subsidized. On this issue I consulted the Great Wall, the company said it would consider other options according to policy, from the two models use Ningde era of battery power, the company has made adjustments. Therefore, the Great Wall this year, electric vehicle market should not be a problem.

The problem is this Ningde new energy companies in the end how? Simple check point information. Ningde times New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, is the domestic market share of the first 2 car battery manufacturers and the world's top electric vehicle battery suppliers, ranked third in the world. Companies have just settled in large projects in Jiangsu Zhongguancun Science and Technology Industrial Park, the lithium-ion battery production base in the Yangtze River Delta, about 1,000 acres of land. After the completion of production, will form an annual output of ultra-10GWH power lithium-ion battery production capacity, annual sales income over 20 billion yuan. Looks like this company has certain strength, the concrete battery product parameter official website may examine, the interested may look. Summary: The Great Wall is a low-key work of the enterprise, the Great Wall of the electric car project has been engaged in fact. In 2010, the Great Wall had launched a hybrid drive, similar to the BYD super electric four-wheel drive system platform, but so far no electric vehicle market.

 As a senior shareholder of the Great Wall, of course, I understand the style of doing things the Great Wall, the electric car project, it can be said that the attitude of the Great Wall is not active, the old Wei had publicly said that the current electric car is not environmentally friendly, because 70% of charging power from In the thermal power, the NDRC has the emission requirements of enterprises have to engage in; the other hand, the Great Wall can also be taken to follow the strategy, which can reduce production costs and market risk. In short, the enterprise or that business, the Great Wall is still engaged in electric vehicles that the Great Wall, how to determine and how to invest, or let our own final say. I choose to stick to the Great Wall, not because the Great Wall how cattle technology and products, because in this enterprise who, I see a good business should have two basic elements: honest and low-key and pragmatic management; Efficient management brings low cost and reliable quality.
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