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Graphene Mobile Phone Battery Will Be Commercial Application Soon

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-12-10 08:35:32
Last week, Huawei Watt Laboratories announced that Huawei's graphene lithium-ion battery made a major breakthrough, and will be released by the end of December carrying graphene batteries of mobile phones. This indicates that the graphene cell phone battery is about from the theoretical concept into a practical application, into the consumer field.
Graphene Mobile Phone Battery Will Be Commercial Application Soon
What are graphene and graphene batteries?

Graphene is a kind of quasi-two-dimensional material with only one atomic layer thickness. It is the thinnest and strongest conductive material with the highest thermal and thermal conductivity.

Graphene cells, is the use of lithium ions in the graphene surface and the electrode between a large number of rapid shuttle movement characteristics, the development of a new energy battery.

Huawei graphite graphene battery breakthroughs mainly from three aspects, first of all in the electrolyte by adding special additives to remove trace water, to avoid the decomposition of the electrolyte at high temperature; followed by the battery cathode selection modified large single crystal ternary material, Improve the thermal stability of the material; In addition, the use of new materials graphene, solar powered portable generator battery and the environment can achieve efficient heat dissipation.
Graphene Mobile Phone Battery Will Be Commercial Application Soon
Advantages and Significance of Graphene Batteries.

Graphene has excellent conductivity and unique two-dimensional monatomic layer structure, it can expand the internal structure of the battery compartment, so that lithium-ion access to high-speed channel performance, which has better than ordinary lithium-ion battery performance. Research data show that the weight of graphene lithium-ion battery is only half the battery, storage and battery life is more than four times the lithium battery, lithium-ion battery charge and discharge speed is 10 times.

With the excellent performance, graphene battery commercial applications will break the existing mobile phone industry, many bottlenecks.

First of all, graphene batteries can break the bottleneck of mobile phone use time. At present, the lithium-ion battery more and more difficult to meet the daily needs of consumers, many consumers often complain that the phone needs two or even three charge a day. The graphene battery with a strong storage capacity, can greatly improve the use of mobile phone LFP battery length.
Second, the graphene battery has a high energy density, you can use a smaller space to provide more power, thereby saving the phone design space, making the phone more and more slim, and flexible screen mobile phone to solve the power problem provide support.

In addition, graphene batteries can break the bottleneck of the resolution of the phone. With high storage capacity and excellent heat dissipation, graphene batteries can enhance the resolution of the mobile phone at the same time, provide a good user experience. Graphene batteries can also meet the VR for high-resolution needs for the combination of mobile phones and VR to provide support.

On the whole, the graphene mobile phone battery commercial application will lead to a series of changes for the future of the mobile phone industry innovation and development of infinite reverie.
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