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Grabat Big Break On Development of High Performance Graphene Battery

Author: Source: Datetime: 2016-09-12 14:19:02
September 9th morning, CHINT Grabat graphene technology applications (China) conference held in Hangzhou. Martin, chairman of overseas technology company Grabat, as part of the CHINT group, and his team demonstrated a large number of achievements in the field of graphene and power batteries. Including graphene technology in aviation, lifePo4 batteries, coatings, fibers, motorcycles, motor boats, cement and other areas of application of the latest achievements. In the field of battery applications, for example, Grabat graphene battery weight loss of 80% year on year, down 67%.

Martin is also a Spanish CEO company Graphenano. Earlier this year, CHINT group and the Spanish Graphenano company to invest in Grabat company, the development of high-performance graphene lifePo4 battery.

Graphene is a two-dimensional crystal material only one atom thick, in order to have the world's smallest resistivity of excellent conductivity, mechanical strength, steel is higher than the extraordinary 100 times almost completely transparent light transmittance and the highest known the fastest thermal performance characteristics, known as "the new material" King "in twenty-first Century one of the important new materials".

As a new type of energy storage lifePo4 battery material, graphene has unique advantages and great potential in applications such as super capacitor, lithium ion batteries and solar cells. High energy density, high safety and reliability of the power lifepo4 batteries, is the key to the rapid development of electric vehicles. Road map of the key areas of China manufacturing 2025, proposed the development goals of China's graphene materials in the next 10 years. And at present, is in the eve of large-scale industrialization. There are reports that by 2020, graphene market size will exceed 100 billion yuan.

Martin also with great enthusiasm to his partner CHINT group praised: "the CHINT group has more than and 100 countries in the global business, is an important global enterprise, with automation equipment, electrical products and other products of solar panels for solar power portable generator. We both reached a strategic cooperation in the China and Spain production of graphene polymer batteries, CHINT's experience with Graphenano and Grabat technology, the birth of graphene polymer battery production of the first factory in the Yecla region of spain."

The Martin team demonstrated the new energy graphene lifePo4 batteries in terms of energy storage density and other properties, or to the extent that the security is better than the current market products.
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